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Here are some links about, for or on Easter cakes and treats in Italy:

      • Our Top 6 Italian Easter Treats – "Happy Italian Easter! Much less commercialized than in the UK, Easter celebrations in Italy focus on food, friends and family as well as on the more solemn, religious aspects of the holiday. Like many Italian holidays, Holy Week is characterized by rituals and traditions, and celebrated in many diverse ways across Italy, reflecting regional differences. . . Here’s our round-up of the 6 most popular Easter treats which they can be found from the top to the toe of the boot, but may vary in size, shape and taste from region to region!" – 21 March 2016 – "About Vorrei" – Source: Vorrei – "Delicious Italian Food"
      • Three of the best Easter cakes and pies – "Italy has yummy tradition of Easter treats, with a particularly rich range of regional offerings. We select three of the very best cakes and pies which you really shouldn’t miss and recommend three savoury ones also worth trying." – Monday, March 30, 2015 - 18:22 – Carla Passino – "ABOUT US"  – Source: italy magazine – "Everything Italy. Authentically Italian
      • Torta di Pasqua:Traditional Italian Easter cake, pie – "Torta di Pasqua translates from Italian to English as "Easter Cake" or "Easter Pie".Baking Torta di Pasqua is a long-established Easter custom in Italy and among Italian-Americans, as well. Eating the rich treats made with cheese and eggs has long been the way to end the fasting and frugality of the Lenten season. The cakes and pies are usually baked during Holy Week but are typically not enjoyed until served as an antipasto for Easter dinner. " – April 1, 2010 9:52:38 AM PDT – "ABOUT ABC7CHICAGO" – Source: abc7 EYEWITNESS NEWS – "SECTIONS"
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      • Easter Cakes, Cookies and Dessert Recipes – "Many Easter Cakes, Cookies and Dessert Recipes  prepared by Italian Grandmas to help you celebrate Easter Italian Style. Here you will find some of the most traditional Italian Easter Sweet recipes that our Nonne... our Grandmothers have preserved for many generations.  Browse the pages below and you will find recipes for: Pastiera, Bocconotti, Scarcella, Taralli Cassata and many more. Also visit the Easter Dinner Recipes page and the Good Friday Recipes page for many more ideas to help you celebrate Easter." – "" – "About Us" – Source: Cooking with Nonna – "Sharing Grandma's Italian recipes with the new generations"
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      • Italian Easter Cheesecake – "This recipe started out as a very old family recipe handed down for at least 4 generations. Although it actually started out as what is known as Easter Cake, I have converted it into a cheesecake by changing some ingredients. Serve this plain or on a light bed of blackberry or current jam." – – "Our Story" – Source:® – "Recipes | Ingredients | Articles | More »"
        • Ricotta Easter Cake – "An old family recipe. I use this recipe as the base for my Italian cheesecake."
      • Italian Easter Treats – "Italian Easter dessert recipes are a mixture of tradition, symbolism, light textures and rich tastes. Each region in Italy has its own specialty desserts, so you would have to travel the country to understand the entire array of Easter desserts available in Italy." – March 23, 2013 – blogger: Jovina – "About" – Source: JOVINACOOKSITALIAN – "Healthy Italian Cooking at Home"
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      • Source: YouTubeIT  – "Language: English | Country: Italy"  
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        • Italian Easter Cake – "This is one of the most popular cakes come Easter time. It's made for a lot of Italians in Montreal, especially the older generations. They don't like the colored cream so we do what the clients ask and use white cream. We put some eggs and little chicks on the top for the Easter spirit and they love it. It has rum, custard and butter cream on the top." – Uploaded on Apr 30, 2011 – ChefSandroDB's channel
        • Italian Easter Colomba Pasquale Cake Recipe – "Easter in Italy will not be without the lovely yummy cake (Colomba Pasquale) in form of a dove, an Easter dove symbolizing both peace and the Holy Spirit, has turned into the state of the well known traditional Easter cake, Colomba Pasquale (Easter Dove), a great dessert at any Easter feast in Italy. Here is the quick recipe (from ) for our Italian Food Lovers!" – Published on Mar 15, 2016 – Alma Beatrice
        • Italian Easter Sweet Bread Recipe - Laura Vitale - Laura in the Kitchen Episode 357 – "To get this complete recipe with instructions and measurements, check out my website:" – Published on Apr 4,2012 – Laura in the Kitchen
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