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Info about, for or on prosecco in Italy


Here are some links about, for or on prosecco in Italy:


  • The charm of Prosecco – "Guide to Italian Wines" – "© by Tom Hyland" – Source: wine lovers page
  • Does Prosecco Deserve Its Sparkling Success? – June 15, 2010 – Source: VOL♦ The Voice of Leadership
  • Lovely bubbly: a taste of Italy's prosecco region – "Italy's sparkling wine comes from a gorgeous valley north of Venice. Stay in vineyard B&Bs and osterie, and eat at local trattorie, for a real taste of the area - and its refreshing fizz" – John Brunton – Tuesday 3 August 2010 09.50 BST – Source: Found under Travel section of – "Latest news, comment and reviews from the Guardian | "
  • The Luxe Adventure Traveler Guide to The Prosecco Road – "We love wine, but that wasn’t always the case. Neither of us really had much of a taste for wine until we moved to Italy. Part of the appeal of wine was visiting vineyards. They’re just so atmospheric. In spring, the new leaf shoots start appearing on the vines that had been cut back after the harvest; as summer days heat up, tiny grapes begin to appear; the onset of véraison signals the end of summer; and the fall sets the remaining leaves ablaze in a sea of gold. Particularly in Italy, vineyards are set among the most picturesque castles and hilltop towns. We’ve definitely visited some beautiful vineyards in the last couple of years, but the Prosecco Road, winding along spaghetti thin roads in the Prosecco Hills of the Veneto has some serious wow-factor." – By – "About Us" – Source: Luxe Adventure Traveler – "Adventure Travel with a Glass of Wine"  
  • Prosecco, Italy – Text and photographs © 2009, Tom Cannavan – Source: wine-pages – "online wine magazine UK"
  • Prosecco Production Pops the French Champagne Bubble – Dec 26th, 2010 - Words by Natalie Aldern – Source: ITALY Magazine – "THE NO.1 MAGAZINE FOR LOVERS OF ALL THINGS ITALIAN" 
  • X – "" – "" – "" – Source: X – "" 
  • Conegliano Valdobbiadene – "DOCG" – Source: web site – "Prosecco Superiore dal 1876" – In English, German, Italian
  • X – "" – "" – "" – Source: X – "" 
  • Adriano Adami – Source: web site – In English, German, Italian
  • BisolIn Italian Only – Source: web site
  • Bortolin – Source: web site – In English, Italian
  • Carpenè Malvolti – Source: web site – In English, Italian
  • Follador – "Follador Prosecco...the Italian Sparkling Wine." – Source: web site – In English, German, Italian
  • Masottina – Source: web site – In English, Italian
  • Mionetto – Source: web site – In English, Italian
  • Nino Franco – Source: web site – In English, Italian
  • Ruggeri – Source: web site – In English, Italian
  • Villa Sandi In Italian Only – Source: web site
  • – Source: web site – In English, German, Italian
  • X – "" – "" – "" – Source: X – "" 
  • Prosecco Wine Route – Monday, 23 August 2010 09:39 – Written by Delicious Italy Team – Source: Delicious ITALY – "the Italy food, travel and culture guide"
  • The Prosecco Wine Route from Conegliano to Valdobbiadene – "This road winds around through the hills cultivated with vineyards between Conegliano, Vittorio Veneto and Valdobbiadene. A gentle landscape composed of grapes and huts, farming towns and historical cities, age-old parish churches and castles, a land that humans have shaped over the centuries, making it one of the prettiest corners of Italy." – Source: Treviso Guide Italy section of – "You're going to love this Italian portal, because it's just like having a guidebook at hand, free and always up to date. . ." 
  • X – "" – "" – "" – Source: X – ""

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"Terra del vino Prosecco"
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