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Info about, for or on things that may surprise or shock you about Italy


Here are some links about, for or on things that may surprise or shock you about Italy:

  • Six Things About Italy that Might Surprise You – "At times, Italy can seem like a boot-shaped cliché: people gesticulating madly, yelling in what seems like a rage when in fact they are discussing last night's delicious lasagna; tiny pink towns on hilltops; toddlers who already know how to tie a natty scarf. And people talking (and talking and talking and talking).  But there are things that might surprise you here. My top six:" –Posted: | Updated: – "About Us" – Source: Found in the HuffPost Travel Canada section on THE HUFFINGTON POST CANADA – "Canadian News Stories, Breaking News, Opinion " – Edition: CA | Region: All Canada
  • 10 Things About Italy that Shock First-time Visitors – "Authentic pizza, pasta, cups of espresso, leather bags, historical sites, religious relics, and scoops of gelato often make a tourist’s itinerary when visiting Italy. But don’t you forget about the most important thing that completes the entire country – the locals. Facts about the locals and their culture are usually ignored and leave first-timers waiting for shops to open in the afternoon or worse, lost and frustrated in a “bar” because they keep on getting a glass of milk when they ask for a “latte”. Learn the basics and find out 10 things that can shock you if it’s your first time in Italy." –  April 10, 2015 – "" – Source: When On Earth – "For People who Love Travel."
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  • 5 things I wish I knew before going to Italy – "Despite the language hurdle most travellers face in Italy, it's still an incredibly easy and comfortable country to visit, even if you've never been outside your home country before. Still, there are a few things that it's handy to know before you step out of the airport.Such as:" – Sun, 31 May 2015 – By , Travel Insights Editor – "About Us" – Source: Found in the Travel Smart > Italy section on World Nomads – "Explore your boundaries"
  • 10 Interesting Facts About Italy – "Italy is a fascinating place; a vacation in Italy can be packed with interesting things to do and see without every running out of activities or amazing sights. Keep the following interesting facts in mind if you visit the boot-shaped country." – ""  – – "About Us" – Source: EscapeHere – "Destinations | Inspirations | Videos"
  • 100+ Things to Know If You’re Going to Italy – "My friends often ask me for support in travel preparation when they plan to go to Italy. In fact, I think it’s a great idea- go to a country prepared to experience it at the fullest! I enjoy learning about the little idiosyncrasies that make a visit to a new country so interesting, the small traditions, the interesting customs… so, I thought I’d give you a cheat-sheet for Italy." – "If you’d like a personalized crash-course on Italian culture before your trip, please contact me at vanessa at Italyinsf dot com. I would be happy to schedule a time to help you out with your trip organization as well as give you some useful tips about culture and traditions!" – blogger: Vanessa DellaPasqua  – "About Us" – Source: ITALY IN SF – "The Directory to Everything Italian in the San Francisco Bay Area"
  • Top 10 "Must Do" Things While in Italy – "Italy is a country with a variety of things to see and do. Here are ten you won't want to miss on your trip..." – on Tue, 01/19/2016 - 11:15 – Submitted by Glauco – Source: – "is a website that covers multiple aspects of Italian contemporary life and tourism."
  • What NOT To Do In Italy – "...For a change of pace, here’s a list of things NOT to do in Italy — a country as beloved for its passionate people as its natural beauty and delicious cuisine. So, don’t..." – 01/16/2013 07:08 am ET | Updated Mar 18, 2013 – Fodor’s – By Eva Sandoval – "About Us" – Source: Found in the HUFFPOST TRAVEL section on The HUFFINGTON POST (Edition: U.S.) – " Inform • Inspire • Entertain • Empower"
  • X – "" – "" – Source: X – ""
  • Source: YouTubeIT – "Language: English • Country: Italy" 
    • Top 10 Facts About Italy – Published on Aug 22, 2014 – AroundTheWorld
    • Visit Italy: Five Things You Will Love & Hate about Italy – "Italy is an amazing place to visit and there will be memories you will take back from your visit that will last a lifetime, some good... some not so good :) But here are the five things you will hate about your trip to Italy and five things you will love about your trip to Italy." – Uploaded on Apr 8, 2010 – woltersworld
    • Visit Italy - 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Italy – "Thinking about traveling to & visiting Italy? Here we have ten things that may SHOCK US tourists when they visit Italy. I didn't even talk about the random porcelain toilet holes in some cafes. So to avoid culture shock on your trip here are a few fun things to watch out for! Have fun in Italy! Filmed in Rome, Italy" –  Published on Jul 25, 2015 – woltersworld
    • X – "" – "" – Source: X – ""
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