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Here are some links about, for or on Italian pantries:

  • New Italian Pantry – ". . . Sara will help you stock your pantry with her favorite Italian staples, then show you which of the app's 75-plus recipes you can cook right now,either straight from your pantry or with the addition of a few fresh ingredients. The app is loaded with bells and whistles — including gorgeous photography by Michael Harlan Turkell, informational videos by William Hereford, automatic timers and instant shopping lists — that make cooking from an iPad easier than ever." – Sara Jenkins – Source: web site 
  • X – ""  – "" – Source: X – ""
  • Essential Italian Ingredients  – "Favorite store-bought ingredients for an Italian-American pantry"  – By Christine Quinlan – Source: FOOD & WINE – "INSPIRATION SERVED DAILY"
  • The Italian Pantry – Mar 4, 2008 – By Julie Wilson – Source: SAVEUR – "Savor a World of Authentic Cuisine" – "About
  • Italian Pantry Staples – "Cooking Italian food can be surprisingly simple and very rewarding. The key is to use fresh and delicious ingredients in a simple way that showcases their natural and delicious flavors. Here are a few key pantry staples that every Italian pantry should have."  – July 21, 2011 –  bio: Marcus Samuelsson –  Source: MARCUS  SAMUELSSON  – ""
  • X – ""  – "" – Source: X – ""

    • 10 Must-Have Italian Pantry Staples – "Stock your pantry with these ten Italian ingredients and you'll be ready to cook the best Italian recipes any time. From pasta to, of course, EVOO, you'll have all the Italian cooking essentials." – Source: Every Day with Rachael Ray – "In the Magazine"
    • The Global Pantry: Italy – "Discover 25 of the most common ingredients in the Italian pantry."  – Source:® – "Recipes and cooking confidence for home cooks everywhere"
    • Italian Pantry – "Keeping your pantry stocked with these fundamentally Italian food items will insure that a quick, simple, and fresh meal is only a moment in the making. Here are some of my favorites!"  – Mark Leslie – Source: BEYOND THE PASTA – "Recipes, Language & Life with an Italian Family"
    • An Italian Pantry – "Selecting the best ingredients is key." – ""– Source: Cooking Light – "Find Healthy Recipes, Nutrition Tips, and Guides to Healthy Eating"
    • The Italian Pantry – "Stock up on tomatoes, pasta and plenty of garlic, and fill your kitchen with the flavours of Italy. This is a pantry that is full of robust flavours, plenty of colour and is guaranteed to give you a good dose of the dolce vita."  – By Cassie Harrex– Source: – "MADE FOR SHARING"
    • The Italian pantry  – "By stocking your kitchens with a few basic ingredients, you will be ready to prepare many Tuscan and Italian recipes." – Source: Found in the Cooking Tips section of Tuscan Recipes – "Italian recipes from Tuscany, from soups to main dishes to dessert!" 
    • Italian Pantry Essentials – "Most of what makes up a typical Italian meal is fresh food, procured and cooked within hours of being eaten. However, pantry staples are used to turn these fresh ingredients into a vast array of dishes. Keep them in stock, and you will have a head start on most Italian recipes." – Source: EasyItalian-Recipes – "The ultimate site of italian recipes: techniques, tips and masterclasses"
    • Italian Pantry Essentials – "These Italian pantry essentials and staples are key items in my Italian kitchen (see chart below). If I've got these ingredients on hand, I can make just about any authentic Italian recipe in my family's recipe box. And you'll be able to make most recipes you find on this site!" – Source: Paula's Italian Kitchen AKA – "Italian Food and Recipes Easy, Time-Saving!"
    • X – "" – ""– Source: X – ""
    • The Italian Pantry – "Does your pantry have what you need to cook Italian? Watch and find out." – Source: – "is home to the food world’s most-inspiring videos, photos, tips and recipes from the best shows and chefs."
    • Italian Pantry Essentials – "You don't have to be Italian to cook Italian: the secret's in your pantry." – Source: Cooking Channel – "Recipes, Shows and Cooking Videos from Top Global Chefs"
    • X – ""  – ""– Source: X – ""
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    Today’s quote is an Italian saying, author unknown.

    "la cucina è il cuore della casa"
    "The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home."

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