Saturday, December 03, 2005

Info on the Blog Postings for November, 2005 on Italy

Here are the titles for my blog postings for the month of November, 2005:

(LAST EDITED/UPDATED: 21 March 2006)
  1. 5/ 11/05 – This is my initial posting to the blog titled, "Moving2Italy2".

  2. 6/11/05 – Info on finding out more about your Italian Ancestry

  3. 7/11/05 – Info on how to become an Italian Citizen

  4. 8/11/05 – Info on Blogs about Italy, Blog Resources and Lists/Directories of Blogs

  5. 9/11/05 – Info on EXPATS: Primarily in Italy

  6. 10/11/05 – Info on On-Line (Internet) Radio and TV in Italy

  7. 11/11/05 – Info for On-Line Magazines and Publications for Italy and Europe

  8. 12/11/05 – Info on Books about Italy

  9. 13/11/05 – Info on Living in Italy

  10. 14/11/05 – Info for Cell Phones in Italy and Europe

  11. 15/11/05 – Info on Italian Newspapers

  12. 16/11/05 – Info on Job Opportunities in Italy and Europe

  13. 17/11/05 – Info on On-Line Route Planning and Maps of Italy

  14. 18/11/05 – Info on Comunes, Provinces and Regions in Italy

  15. 19/11/05 – Info on Market Days/Antique Markets in Italy

  16. 20/11/05 – Info on Events and Festivals (festa or sagra) in Italy

  17. 21/11/05 – Info on Food Stores (Chains) in Italy

  18. 22/11/05 – Info about Internet Usage in Italy

  19. 23/11/05 – Info on Airports in Italy, Airport Guides and How to Get To and From the Airport

  20. 24/11/05 – Info on the U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Italy

  21. 25/11/05 – Info on Outlets and Shopping in Italy

  22. 26/11/05 – Info on Strikes, Demonstrations and Protest Marches In Italy

  23. 27/11/05 – Info on Real Estate, Property and Rentals in Italy

  24. 28/11/05 – Info for Virtual Tours of Italy and Mini-Cams/Webcams in Italy

  25. 29/11/05 – Info on "A Taste of Italy" trip in May, 2006

  26. 30/11/05 – Info on Personal Safety in Italy

The above have links on the blog titled, Moving2Italy2 and are all current. If anyone has any suggestions for other sites and/or topics, please feel free to post your comment and I'll either update these blog entries or create a new entry. I would greatly appreciate it, if anyone finds or comes across a broken link, to notify me ASAP, so that, I can correct it.

I believe there’s something for everyone in one or more of the blog entries for November. I am working on other blog entries and will be busy making up my list to review when I go to Italy in May and June, 2005.

That's it for Saturday, 3 December 2005: sabato, 3 dicembre 2005.

Ciao, Ben

Today’s quote is an Italian proverb, author unknown.

Val più la pratica della grammatica.
Experience is more important than theory.

(LAST EDITED/UPDATED: 21 March 2006)

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