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  1. 2 Baci Living in a Pinon Tree – "Thoughts, travels and other stories of two New Mexicans living in Italia. (And yes, New Mexico is a part of the United States.)" – Valerie – Location: Ascoli Piceno, Marche
  2. 2 italy – "Documenting the joys, travails, and bureacracy of our quest to move to Italy. The journey of Bryan and Valerie on our move from New Mexico to Italy. "Leave your family, your country and your father's house and go to the land I will show you." Copyrights by Bryan Schneider" – Bryan – Location: Ascoli Piceno, Le Marche
  3. allora, aspetta! – Jackie – Location: Macerata; Corrie – Location: Parma.
  4. Alpine Settler – "A life in the Alps , so peaceful and quiet, just what is need for an ..." – Carole B. – Location: Bassa Valtellina, Sondrio
  5. An American Girl in Italy – "How does the blue mold get in Gorgonzola? Have you ever heard the rocks at Castiglioncello sing and why do writers always seek solace in Italy? Time for me to find the answers to these and see, if in doing so, I also find my home." – Sparrow (Lynda) – Location: Rome, Lazio
  6. An American Girl in Italy – "the true and (maybe not always so outstanding) adventures of my life in italy. i relocated from seattle almost four years ago, and am now married to an italian dentist (free dental!) and have filled my days with craft projects, mainly loom knitting, "casalinga" activities and attempts at mastering the italian language....and we travel a lot too." – Sara – Location: Albino, (BG)
  7. An American in Italy (a military wife and her life)LorelieLong – Location: "Somewhere near an army base"
  8. american in Napoli – American Scugnizzo – Naples, Campania
  9. Another American in Rome – "July 10 I'm flying to Rome and starting a new phase. I've got my trusty Italian passport (yeah dual citizenship!), I just need to find a job and a place to live.....let's see how easy that is!" – Jessica – Location: Rome, Lazio
  10. Art and Barb Live(d) in Italy! – formerly lived in San Venanzo, Italy, present location: Louisville, KY
  11. At Home in Rome – "behind the scenes in the Eternal City" – Shelley – Location: Rome, Lazio
  12. Bella Vita in Liguria Blog – "I had decided at the age of 13, I would someday live in Italy and have my own B&B. So far, I have made good on the first part and have been slightly & temporarily "derailed" on the second by starting a personal concierge service for travelers to Italy. It's been fun, difficult, entertaining, frustrating - but above all, an incredible experience. Hope will enjoy my tales and tells from a little seaside village overlooking the Mediterranean..." – Megan at Bella Vita – Location: Lerici
  13. bleeding espresso... and other little-known side effects of moving to Italy. – "An American girl moves to her family's ancestral village in southern Italy, falls in love, gets a dog, writes to her heart's content, and begins bleeding espresso. No, really." – sognatrice – Location: calabria, italia
  14. Blog from Italy – "Life in the Living Museum" – Alex Roe – Location: Milano, Lombardia (Lombardy)
    • Englishisin – "English Language Learning Resources for Italians"
  15. BlogItaliaIn Italian Only
  16. Blogging through Italy – "... on an 11-day journey through Italy. Read his daily posts as he treks solo through Italy with only seven articles of clothing, two guidebooks and no Italian language skills." – Michael Maness – Location: Wilmington, Delaware, USA
  17. bonhom.ie – Dermod Moore – Location: Dublin, Ireland
  18. Buzzurro – "I might be wrong, but I doubt it" – J. Doe – Location: New Mexico, USA
  19. Bytes of Italy – "Random Pieces of Italian Culture, Food, Products and Travel" – ? – Location: ?
  20. Casey, Italy and Other Good Stuff – Jane – Location: Greve in Chianti, Firenze
  21. Cat Naps in Italy – "The saga of two American cats ripped from the heartland of America, stuffed into a plane and forced to spend their days sleeping in beautiful Italy" – Opus and Roscoe – Location: Italy
  22. Countries Beginning with I – Deirdré Straughan’s excellent web site – words, pictures, and video about Italy, India, and the world
  23. Country Living in North West Italy – "I have just come into possesion a very old farmhouse, which I am calling Casa Vera, in rememberance of my mother It's situated in the hilly Alte Langhe in North West Italy although I'm living near Genoa on the Ligurian Riviera at the moment. I would like to share my experience with anyone who is interested in Italy, in old houses and family traditions" – Jules – Location: north west, Italy
  24. cross-cultural moments – ".....a twitch, a deep gut-wrenching punch, a squirmy, queasy, lightheaded feeling that comes on when people and institutions act in ways that put you outside your cultural comfort zone. Join me as I explore my cultural moments in Italy. Then send me yours!" – Elizabeth – Location: Rome
  25. La Cucina – "... means "the kitchen" or simply "cooking". A compilation of easy, tasty recipes. Many are inspired by numerous trips to Italy and my Italian grandmother. Others are just plain good ol' American meals. All are guaranteed to be easy to prepare. The simplicity of flavors is more important than using too many ingredients and techniques which mask the flavors of the foods. Buon appetito!" – Valerie – Location: Ascoli Piceno, Marche
  26. cultural moments – ".....a twitch, a deep gut-wrenching punch, a squirmy, queasy, lightheaded feeling that comes on when people and institutions act in ways that put you outside your cultural comfort zone. Join me as I explore my cultural moments in Italy. cultural moments ".....a twitch, a deep gut-wrenching punch, a squirmy, queasy, lightheaded feeling that comes on when people and institutions act in ways that put you outside your cultural comfort zone. Join me as I explore my cultural moments in Italy. Then send me yours!" – Elizabeth – Location: Rome, Lazio
  27. Delinissima – "E facimm' stu blog! ..... My life in Naples" – Delina – Location: Naples
  28. Divina Cucina's "Over a Tuscan Stove" – Diva – Location: Certaldo
  29. Do You Dream In Colour? – ? – Location: Rome, Lazio
  30. dove mi porta il cuore – "soaring, tumbling, freewheeling" – Annika – Location: Gävle, Sweden
    • On 26 December 2006, Annika changed the title of her blog from, to the moon and back: "– a journey I just don’t have a map for – " to this new title
  31. Drawing on Experience – "an open sketchbook of life in LeMarche" – Scott Henderson – Location: Calcinelli di Saltara (PU)
  32. dreamofitaly – "This is the blog for Dream of Italy™, The Insider's Guide to Undiscovered Italy, a paid subscription travel newsletter. Dream of Italy™
  33. Do You Dream In Colour? – ? – Location: Rome, Lazio
  34. Il Blog Enogastronomico di Brendan – "A US man eats and drinks, a lot, in Italy." – Brendan Monaghan – Location: Rome, Lazio
  35. enroute2Italy – "The venture starts in Toronto and end with me being with the love of my life, Enrico." – Ms. FoxyRoxy – Location: Canada
  36. eurobimbo's journey to enlightenment – "life in italy, travelogues, photography, hopes & dreams" – Tania – Location: Cortona
  37. Florence Journal – ? – Location: Firenze (Florence)
  38. Florence night&day – "Not just the usual guide to Florence. This is the diary of a florentine girl in her 30's who works, goes out diniing or clubbing in a city that had its prime in the Renaissance. News for tourists as well as for onlookers. a blog for those who are in love with Florence" – Nelli – Location: Firenze (Florence)
    • Firenze Night & Day – (italiano) – "www.ioamofirenze.com: una guida su Firenze? No, è il diario di vita di una 30enne fiorentina che mangia, lavora, esce la sera in una città che ha avuto il massimo splendore nel Rinascimento. Notizie per turisti ma anche per curiosi.. un blog per chi ama Firenze!" – Nelli – Location: Firenze (Florence)
  39. Florence and Tuscany Blog – Photos, stories and tips about Florence, Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano and other places in Tuscany, Italy. – Suzanne Morrison
  40. Food scribbles – "notes on food at home and elsewhere" – indah – Location: Siena, Toscana (Tuscany)
  41. foreign remarks – "Welcome to foreign remarks.com. This is the website for Rebecca Helm-Ropelato. I am an American free lance writer. I live in Italy with my husband, who is Italian. I moved here in 2001 from my longtime home in California. Recently, I have had articles published in the Los Angeles Times Magazine and the Christian Science Monitor, (featured here). Here on foreign remarks.com I have a blog in which I present opinions and impressions related to my experiences living in another country. I will add something new every week. Sometimes it will be brief, other times more in depth. I hope it will be enjoyable and at times, perhaps, informative." by rebecca helm-ropelato – Location: Lazio region
  42. Frederick the Architect – Frederick – Location: ?
  43. From Dublin, Ohio to Fano, The Marche, Italy – Marco di Fano – Location: Dublin, Ohio, USA
  44. Gia-Gina in Italy"So I've decided to follow my husband to his native Italy. Follow our adventures as we eat, drink, travel, adapt to and explore this remarkable country. Part food blog, part photo blog but mostly my rants and raves." – Gia D. Parsons aka Gina Parsons and Signora D'Ambrosi – Location: Torino, Piemonte
  45. Beppe Grillo's Blog – Beppe Grillo – Location: ?
  46. At Home in Piemonte – "What’s going on in and around Baur B&B" – Michael & Diana – Location: Piemonte
  47. If not now, when? – "One American woman. Twenty acres and a 1650 farmhouse in Tuscany. Random introspection and hilarity, depending on the day." – Viaggiatore – Location: Tuscany
  48. International University College of Turin (www.iuctorino.it) – Jennifer – Location: Torino in June, 2008
  49. :italia: whatever it takes … – "connecting with like minded dreamers and doers" – Deborah – Location: ?, USA
  50. Italian Citizenship – "I am an American who recently obtained "dual" US/Italian citizenship. I wanted to do this blog to share my experiences and to be a resource for people who would also like to obtain Italian citizenship." – Michael Severini – Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
  51. Italian Meat – "I've been living on the Italian economy for over a year now without any affiliation with the military. A lot of people think this place is a true paradise. Let me tell you how it really is..." – MeatEater – Location: Treviso, Veneto
  52. Italian Simplicity – "A food blog about living in Italy and the simple, yet delicious food that every region of the country has to offer." – Anne C.– Location: Verona, Italy
  53. Italian's Insight to Travel Italy – David Anderson – Location: Dallas/Fort Worth Area
  54. Italien Live? In German with some English – Location: Bellaria-Igea Marina (RN)
  55. Italian Travel and Food – "This blog is about traveling to Italy, Italian cooking, and a host of other things Italian." – Jules – Location: Pittsburgh, PA
  56. Italy From The Inside – "A Scoop of Real Italian Life for Travelers & Friends" – Paolo and Francesca Tosolini – Location: Bellevue, Washington, USA
  57. italy is falling – "... and we're riding it upside down" – ? – Location: ?
  58. Jeff in Puglia – "This Blog will describe my life as a single guy from the Midwest USA that has moved to Brindisi, Italy. Brindisi is on the heel of the boot that is Italy and naturally there are new experiences for me living here..." – Jeff Gromen – Location: southern Italy
  59. jenintorino.blogspot.com – actual title of blog A/O: 2/2/08, "International University College of Turin (www.iuctorino.it)" – Jennifer – Location: Torino in June, 2008
  60. Jessica in Rome – Jessica – Location: Rome, Lazio
  61. Jure Sanguinis – An American's quest for Italian Citizenship... and all things Italian
  62. Kataroma – Kataroma – Location: Rome, Lazio, Italy
  63. keyitaly.com - blog – Italy Real Estate - news, stories and links – Source: KeyItaly.com
  64. kishko – "chatter about olfactive, visual and taste bud experiences in italy and beyond" – kishko – Location: florence, tuscany
  65. La Dolce Vita – "life Italian style." – American Expat living in Italy – Location: Italy
  66. Left my Heart in Italy – "I am a military wife happily married now for 16 years. I have lived in Japan, Germany, England, and the United States" – MAMA3
  67. Life in Italy – "The life and times of the Alotta family in Belforte all'Isauro, Italy. We will use this space to keep our friends and family up-to-date on what is happening in our world."– Suzanne & Larry Alotta – Location: Belforte all'Isauro, (PU)
  68. Life in a small Sicilian town – "Is it the freedom? Is it the life? Is it the independence? Or is it simply a matter of finding home..." – Maria – Location: ?
  69. the life I chose... – "I chose to give up life in London.I chose to forego an exciting career. I chose to leave my family and friends.I chose Italy. This is my life..." – nikinpos – Location: Positano
  70. Live Cheap & Make Art. – "Rosemary & Bob's Italian Adventure" – Bob and Rosemary – Location: Vietri sul Mare, Campania
  71. Living in Florence – Melinda Gallo – Location: Firenze (Florence)
  72. Living Venice…and beyond. – "Personal observations, information, and occasional instructions by author and Venice inhabitant Nan McElroy" – Nan McElroy – Location: Venice
  73. Lucullian delights - an Italian experience – "I cook, I take photos and I post the results here. I like to cook genuine food with a lot of taste, I suppose most of us does, and I experiment quite a lot with recipes. What I post here are the successful ones, let's forget about the failures - life's too short!" – Ilva Beretta – Location: Pistoia, Tuscany
  74. Magician NitesLori McKee – Location: Virgina, USA
  75. Meribeth in Italy – "Life is too short to put off adventures that may change the directions of your life. My path is just about to make a HUGE turn, and I can't wait to see where it leads, please join me on this adventure! It all starts in December, why....December 13th..need I say more: my Birthday! Where it will continue...Italy, Croatia, Dublin and beyond...with Friends, Family and anyone who I meet on the way to come along on this journey. YIPPEE.. lets go!" – Meribeth – Location: Costa Mesa, California, USA
  76. mestolando"Blog" – claudia and brian – Location: Firenze (Florence)
  77. michellanea "Random thoughts on my life in Italy and reflections on America as seen from abroad" – michellanea – Location: Milan
  78. MOSCERINA: Fly's Eyes in Rome – moscerina – Location: Rome, Lazio
  79. MS. ADVENTURES IN ITALY – Sara Rosso – Location: Milan
  80. My Bella Vita – "Your source for Calabria Travel" – Cherrye Moore – Location: Catanzaro, Calabria
  81. my life italian – "Does leaving your former life to live in paradise really need much explanation? I had a dream to live in Italy. After four years of teaching and almost as many summers traveling, I knew that something had to be done. I needed to cook every day with that fresh, locally-grown produce. I needed to connect with people who made their own wine and bought their whole chickens with the feet still on. I wanted to live in a culture whose inherent passion for gastronomy was not born of pretense, but of the knowledge that what is so fundamental to life should also be ENJOYED. This, for me, is the definition of "la dolce vita Italiana." While it may not always be sweet, it is always Italian." – Tracie B. – Location: Ischia, Campania
  82. My life in Italy – "About my life, and my opinions in general. I am an American gal, originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota, now living in Busto Arsizio, Italy, near one of the fashion capitals of the world, Milan with hopes of moving back to the good ol' USA, maybe Galveston, TX. Man I could really use a coffee!" – Ann – Location: Busto Arsizio, Varese
  83. My Road Leads to Torino – "Recipes, travel notes, and observations from an American expatriate in Italy. My adventures in Piedmont, Italy." – Renee – Location: Torino, Piemonte
  84. the olive notes... – "This is a blog of our life...from one year before our move to Italy in fall '07. The "olive notes" was the name of our temporary blog during our first visit to Italy in '05 and so it remains...this is our journey back! Of course, our life is much more than this event...so read on...this is our "dolce vita"!" – chris & erin – Location: St. Augustine Beach, Florida, USA
  85. Olive Oil e Vino Dreams – "My love of everything, anything Italian started back in Spring 2002. I am going to live my dream by moving to Italy in January 2007. I hope to inspire other people to follow their hearts to a place so magical and divine. This is the ride of my lifetime, jump on if you dare..." – katerinafiore
  86. Pecorino e Honey – Bellissima Tina – Location: Perugia
  87. Phase one, in which Doris gets her oats. – "Mostly due to laziness I've decided to start a blog. This way I won't have to remember to send out email. So, if you keep reading you'll be able to follow my trip to Italy. Then again, in a couple of months you may be reading with embarrassment as I come back and get a job at BK, drive a beat up car and eat cat food for dinner. Either way, there should be pretty pictures of Italy. - diana" – diana – Location:
  88. Portami Via – "I'll take that to go please." – Katie – Location: Trento, Trentino Alto Adige, Italy
  89. PunkUnk News – "... is a journal of our purchase and renovation of an apartment in Todi a small town in the Umbrian hills of Italy. My nieces and nephew call me PunUnk, hence the title" – ? – Location: Todi, Umbria
  90. Reality? Food! A food porn blog – Alice Twain – See also, A typesetter’s day 2.0In Italian Only
  91. Re-boot: A new life in Italy – "The adventures of an American girl who quits her job, packs her cats and heads to Italy to "restart" life." – Cynthia Rae – Location: Emilia Romagna
  92. Reverse Immigration – Sabrina – Location: ?
  93. Rik's Blog – ''Welcome to Rik's Blog. Rik was a US citizen living abroad in the most beautiful of places, Bella Italia. Ah, the pizza, the pasta, the wine, the sun, the beaches, the mountains...but now he's in the land of schnitzel and beer. That's right, Deutschland. But his heart is still in Italia..." – Rik Thibodeau – Location: Heidelberg, DE (Germany)
  94. Rome Blog: News, events and tips. – "News, events, peoples and all notice about Eternal city" – ? – Location: Rome, Lazio
  95. Rome, If You Want To . . . – "An American born gives birth to a beautiful baby girl and moves with her husband to his hometown: the Eternal City of Rome, Italy. So how is life from the eyes of an American suburbanite married to a true Roman and mother to an overly independent under 1 year old?? We'll see..." – Cassi – Location: Rome, Lazio
  96. Rome with A View – "The Essential Blog for Anyone Who Loves Rome" – She-Wolf – Location: Rome, Lazioe
  97. Rubber Slippers in Italy – "From Hawaii to Italy. Living in the land of pasta, pizza, and wine is everything that you might imagine, but one thing remains true. You can take the girl out of the island but you can't take the island out of the girl." – Rowena – Location: Provincia di Lecco, Lombardia
  98. Secret Rome photo blog – "Pictures of Rome, Italy - more than 400 photos of Rome" – Caimin Jones – Location: ?
  99. siciliana in training – sicilianaintraining – Location: Northern Sicily
  100. Sicilian Odyssey – "Hold things lightly." – Maryellen – Location: Nicolosi, Sicily
  101. Siena to Florence to Paris – "a change of place, a change of pace, a change of life" – Steve Soper – Location: France
    • Teaching English – "Learning to become a teacher of English, finding work overseas and living in Italy."
  102. Soliloquy In An International Cloister – "Brother Lawrence gives you a peek into the inner workings of a male religious order's international headquarters. It's like an upskirt with habits." – BroLo – Location: Rome, Lazioe
  103. Stew’s Italy Blog – Stew Vreeland – Location: Panicale (PG)/? USA
  104. Think On It, Philosophy from an Umbrian Farm – Judith – Location: Province of Perugia, Umbria
  105. Thinkworx BlogThomas Bowcut – Location: ?
  106. to the moon and back – "– a journey I just don’t have a map for – " – Annika – Location: Gävle, Sweden
    • Please note: This blog title was changed by Annika on 26 December 2006 to dove mi porta il cuore – "soaring, tumbling, freewheeling"
  107. Trio Pasta – jujuly25 – Location: Lecce
  108. A typesetter’s day 2.0In Italian Only – Alice Twain – Location: Milano, , Lombardia (Lombardy)
  109. Tuscany Painting Studio Gallery/the tuscanartist – "Contemporary original oil and acrylic paintings of Tuscany and Italian cuisine art in downtown historic Florence by a small selection of local artists. We offer courier shipping with professionally made crates to assure that the original art work you have selected arrives safely to you. If you are adventurous you can join one of the various art workshops in Florence and Tuscany. Choose from plein air painting, art appreciation, printmaking, or photography all with professional artists." – ? – Location: Firenze (Florence)
  110. Via Ritiro N.7 Diary – "This is a diary about the food, wine, culture, architecture and people of South-East Sicily in particular, and the Mediterannean in a more general sense. It is also a diary of - loveSicily - a small, independent tour operator that organises cookery courses and tailormade holidays in South-East Sicily. " – Katia Amore and Ronald Ashri – Location: Ispica (RG)
  111. Vita da Sogno – Darla Bruno – Location: Assisi, PG, Italy
  112. The View from Il Loggino – Joanna – Location: Castiglione d'Orcia (SI)
  113. VENICEBLOG – Norman Hajjar – Location: ?
  114. Wandering Italy – "Living, eating, and enjoying Italy" – James Martin – Location: ?
  115. Wanting to Be... – Tiff – Location: ?
  116. Weird Venice – Sharon Zukowski – Location: ?
  117. With a rebel yael – Yael – Location: Pescara
  118. zoomata.com – "a close-up on italy" – Location: ?
  1. Expat Express Blog Ring
  2. Luciano Bove – "This Blog is about Design,Gadgets,Trends, Cars,Fashion,Photography, Paintings & Emotions...feel free to comment your perceptions by looking at the photos." – Luciano Bove – Location: Paris, France
  3. The Reluctant Angliophile
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  6. BlogFlux – has one goal - to be the single source for bloggers and blog readers. Be it finding new blogs, subscribing to RSS feeds, or pinging sites with blog updates, you won't have to scurry over to multiple sites. All available on one site.
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  11. How To Add A Counter To Your Blog Using Site Meter
  12. PHOTOSHOPSUPPORT.COM – tutorials by jennifer
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  2. Welcome to BRITBLOG: The Directory of British Blogs
  3. Expat-Blog.com
  4. GetBlogs.com
  5. Globe of Blogs
  6. The Online Expatriate Community
  7. From Expats In Italy: Stories & Blogs
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Jen in Torino said...

Hello! My name is Jennifer and my blogsite is jenintorino.blogspot.com- it would be great to be added to the bloglist. i have lived in italy on again/off again for 12 years, and will finally moving back for an academic job (very excited)!. Your blog has been very helpful, not to mention fun and interesting, so thanks!

Jessica in Rome said...

I would also loved to be added to your list! I will also provide a link from my blog to yours! I really value the information you have on here.