Monday, November 14, 2005

Info for Cell Phones in Italy and Europe


Here are the links for Info on Cell Phones AKA mobile in Italy and Europe:


For your specific interest, please search the web for further information using Google .

The above links as of this date are/were current. If anyone has any suggestions for any other additional web sites and/or links for reference, please feel free to post your comment and I'll update this blog entry.

Please note: If you want me to reply to your comment or request any further information by email, please include your email address in a separate comment. I will NOT publish any comments with an email address in it.

NOTE: If you want to leave a comment, please leave it in ENGLISH.

Broken links: Since November, 2005, I have written over 300+ blog entries with 1,000's of corresponding links/URLs for Moving2Italy2, covering a varied and wide range of topics. In the event if you come across a broken link or a non-functioning link/URL, please post a comment and report the non-functional link. I wish to thank you in advance for assisting me in the ongoing maintenance and the updating of this successful and informative blog.

Please note: I do NOT represent or endorse any of these links nor do I receive payment for listing them in my blog.

Note: However, since 2005, I do use a TIM SIM card when I travel to Italy with my existing Nokia GSM, tri-band and unlocked cell phone. [Update: A/O 2008, I now have an unlocked, quad-band HP iPAQ 510 and my wife has a Nokia 1200 that she bought at a TIM store in Arezzo. We are using TIM SIM cards in both phones.]

IMPO (In my personal opinion), it is cheaper and less expensive to buy a GSM, tri-band or quad-band and unlocked cell phone than to rent one for Italian or world-wide vacation travel with a dual voltage AC adapters (110V-220/240V). This is especially true if you already have a GSM, tri-band or quad-band and unlocked cell phone in the USA from AT&T (formerly, Cingular) or T-Mobile or bought off of eBay or from some other company.

As long as it's a GSM, tri-band or quad-band and unlocked cell phone you can use it with a SIM card from one of the cellular network providers in Italy or in another European country.

NOTE: In Italy, with a SIM card from an ITALIAN cellular network provider, all incoming calls to a GSM, dual band (Italian frequencies, NOT USA ones), tri-band or quad-band and unlocked cell phone are FREE! Also, a cell phone and/or a SIM card bought in Italy will work on the GSM cellular networks in other European countries. However, roaming charges may apply.

Caveat (Warning): ALWAYS test the SIM card in your cell phone before you leave the cellular network vendor's store in Italy!!!! If you buy a SIM card over the Internet or someplace else, be sure there is a return policy for the SIM card, if it doesn't work in your GSM, unlocked, dual band (Italian frequencies, NOT USA ones) or tri-band or quad-band, cell phone.

That's it for Monday, 14 November 2005: Lunedì, 14 Novembre 2005

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wow, you have compiled a lot of information! I took a look through, and found some useful info, even though I am already here. Thanks!