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Info on EXPATS: Primarily in Italy


Here are some links about, for and on Expats living in Italy or elsewhere in the world:

  • Australians Abroad – "It's a mixed bag..." – Source: web site
  • – "Serving the expatriate community" – Source: web site
  • Canuck Abroad – "is a resource for Canadian expatriates abroad, or Canadians planning to travel." – Source: web site
  • Easy Expat – Source: web site
  • ExpatClic,com - Women’s Expatrication – "Main goal of the website is to assist women from all countries and nationalities in the daily management of their expat lives as well as to facilitate their move and relocation in a new foreign country (when not in their own country of origin)." – Source: web site – In multiple languages
  • – "A World of Friends Abroad" – Source: web site
  • Expats in Italy – "for those who dream and those who live the dream" – Source: web site
  • – "is a free source of information for British expatriates, contracting or living overseas, almost a UK expats yellow pages, also with an overseas recruiter database, country information with links relevant to British expats (and any other English speaking ex-pats)" – Source: web site
  • Italy – "Community" – Source: – "the online community for expatriates"
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You will find Expats and former Expats everywhere in this country or that one. I am a former Expat. In another life, I lived and worked in Germany and Kuwait. I was very fortunate to be able to live in a couple of foreign countries and experience daily life as a resident and not as a tourist. However, to some people, I was a foreigner and would always be one, even if I lived in that country for 10, 20, 30+ years.

My time overseas, enriched and broaden my life experience. It made me a better person. At the time, I was a single parent and my daughters benefited by living overseas. It can be a wonderful and enriching experience if you let it happen.

You will read stories, comments and complaints by some Expats about the bureaucracy and paperwork required to live in the country, how inefficient this thing is or that, do you know how bad the exchange rate is today or much worse how much better it was where they came from (country unspecified and it's not always the USA). However, these very same individuals will say to you once back home, "Do you know, I went to Paris or London or Rome for the weekend?" or I saw this or that or you cannot believe what I bought in ... or how little I paid for it.

Being an Expat is not for everyone.

The above links are current. If anyone has any suggestions for other sites, please feel free to leave a comment and I'll update this blog entry.

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