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Info about Checklists for Moving or Relocating to Italy


Here are some links about Checklists and Tips for Moving or Relocating Abroad, to Europe and to Italy:

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These initial blog entries are a foundation for what is to follow as the time gets closer to when my wife and I move to Italy. NOTE: UPDATE – In September. 2007. my wife (dual citizen), our dog, Siena Lucca and I moved to Monte San Savino (AR), Italy.

I believe one needs to plan their respective move or relocation to Italy. By having some sort of a checklist, it keeps related and relevant information and "to do" items in front of you. Suring our vacation in 2005, my wife and I started looking at some regions where we might move to in Italy. This year, we will be looking in the Le Marche region. Initally, we plan on renting for 3 - 4 months in one region and then move onto another region. We want to observe the change in the seasons and be in different parts of Italy during the course of a year.

Right now, the time frame for our move is 3 - 4 years out. If we hit the lottery, it's a lot sooner. However, in the meantime, we are taking language lesson, learning as much about Italy as we can before the move and making annual trips to Italy to find out where we may live. Right now, there is no favorite location. Over the past 12+ trips to Italy either together or separately, we have spent most of our time in Tuscany and Umbria. In the last 3 - 4 years, we have leased a car from Renault Eurodrive and driven in into Italy from Nice, France and back. Renting a house again in either Tuscany or Umbria and making other trips to my wife's ancestral beginnings in Meta and Sorrento. We have travel north to south and east to west in Italy. Besides driving in from France, we have trained in from either Switzerland or Germany and I have driven in from Germany. We have done the Planes, Trains and Automobiles routine plus the ferry from Corsica.

In the above blog entry, I have distinguished between relocation and moving. While one can argue that they are one and the same, there are differences. For this blog entry, I am associating RELOCATION with a private/public corporation or company or organization sponsored move (read relocation) to Italy. For MOVING, I am associating an individual's move to Italy without any company or organization's financial assistance or aid. It may appear to be splitting hairs. It is a fine line and a grey area but one that exists because no matter what, one is moving from one country to another. For the purposes of this blog entry most of the references and links, in this case, are from the USA to Italy.

Note: There are two blog entries titled, "
Info for U.S. Forces, Government Employees, Military Retirees and Defense/Government Contractors with or without their Dependants PCSing (moving) to Italy" and "Info for U.S. Forces, Government Employees, Military Retirees and certain Defense/Gov. Contractors PCSing (moving) to Germany" that may be of interest to a select group of individuals.
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That's it for Friday, 7 April 2006: venerdì, 7 aprile 2006.

Ciao, Ben

Today’s quote is an Italian proverb, author unknown.

"Scopa nuova scopa bene."

"A new broom sweeps clean."

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