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Info about ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) in Italy


Here are some links about
ATMs in Europe and Italy:

  • the euro – In multple languages – Source: European Central Bank
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In Italy, ATMs are also called bancomats. It should be noted that not all bancomats are created equal.

It should be noted that it has been observed by this blogger that the bancomats or credit card readers at self-serve gasoline stations in Italy for the dispensing of either gasoline or diesel fuel after regular working hours and not attended, do not accept US issued credit cards or bank cards (read debit). This situation has occurred to me in the last 3 - 4 years when traveling by car in Italy and France. I would pull into a self-serve gasoline station after hours when the gasoline station (Shell, ESSO, etc.) has closed for the day. Then, I would place either my credit card or my bank card (read debit) into the bancomat or credit card reader and nothing would happen - no error message. Locals would drive up and use either their Italian issued credit or bank card and the bancomat or credit card reader would accept their cards. What is weird is that I would return to the very same gasoline station later in the week during working hours and my credit card would be accepted. Please read comment below.

Please note: Under LOCATORS above, I only listed ones that had international locations indicated on their respective web site.

CAVEAT: Before you leave on your international trip or to Italy, be sure to notify your bank, respective financial institution or credit card company that you are traveling abroad and in which countries. You do not want to be surprised that your credit card or bank card doesn't work or stops working in an ATM in a foreign country. I have observed that credit card companies are much more vigilant of the credit card or bank card usage of their customers, especially if transactions are one day in the USA and the next in some forign country.

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Today’s quote is an Italian proverb, author unknown.

"Meglio soli che male accompagnati."
"Better be alone than in bad company."

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Comment by reader ********************************

Submitted on Wednesday, 26 April 2006:

"Bancomat isn't a generic name for an ATM machine. It's a specific brand of card & can be used at ATM's marked Bancomat, POS, toll booths, etc.

The Bancomat machine at the gas station wouldn't take your American credit/debit card, not because it's American, but because it's not a Bancomat card.

You can get a Bancomat card at many banks, including BancaPoste."

Mille grazie for your feedback, pastasugo

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