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Info about Expat agreements for an international assignment to Italy


Here are some links and information to consider for
Expat agreements for an international assignment (e.g., company/corporate/international agency) to Italy from the USA:

NOTE: While it is nice to be considered for an international assignment, you should be aware of the consequences of taking an international assignment. Yes, it is or maybe a step up the corporate ladder for possible promotions or career development, however you do not want to come up short financially or having the international assignment adversely affect your relationship with your spouse/companion or family.

  • Housing allowance: temporary and for the length of your international assignment
  • New electrical appliances allowance – including washing machine and clothes dryer
  • Language lessons for you and your family
  • Payment of real estate agent/realtor fees for house/apartment hunting
  • Payment for yearly tax preparation by an individual or a company knowledgeable and experienced in preparation and filing of taxes for expatriates
  • Car allowance including insurance – usually only 1 car
  • Payment of all moving expenses to and from your international assignment location including storage of any and all items left in your home city of record
  • Payment of any local taxes including tax equalization and/or "hypothetical taxes" if offered or is in your package. Please read Totalization Agreements and review section labeled "TAXES" above.
  • Payment for annual trip to home city for all family members
  • Payment of local school expenses for dependent children living with you
  • Medical coverage for you and your family members
  • Cost of Living Allowance (COLA) especially if you are moving to a high cost city or area than where you worked and lived in the States
  • Termination and contingencies clauses due to mergers, being laid off, downsizing, early return, civil unrest, evacuations due to rioting, weather, terrorism, etc. – what will happen next to you, your family and your possessions
  • Assistance in setting up utilities – gas, electric, internet access, cable, etc., local bank account, driver's license, visas, work permits, residence permits, identity documents, etc.
  • Payment of local dues/fees for social or professional organizations in the country of your international assignment
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I have been very fortunate in my career. I have had two international assignments: one in Germany as an employee and the second as an IT consultant in Kuwait plus other short term assignments in the States or in Brazil. Other individuals or Expats from other countries that I have met in my travels have not been as fortunate. Some companies are very well organized and prepared to support their employees on an international assignment. Other companies are not as knowledgeable. It is imperative for the employee going on an international assignment to become as knowledgeable as possible before accepting the assignment and to be aware of the consequences of his or her decision to go abroad.

There is much to be said about an international assignment. After your work day/week, you can travel around the country or to other countries, go sightseeing, eat exotic or different foods, take in various cultural/social events and pretty much enjoy whatever life has to offer.

I look back on my State-side and foreign travels with fond memories of people, places and various cuisines and foods that I had eaten or tasted. I have wonderful experiences and memories of places that I have visited and of meeting people that I would not of met if I had stayed in the USA or in just one place. It has been and continues to be a wonderful experience for me since I now live and reside in Italy with my wife, Martha.

Yes, and you know that there's a "but" coming – it not for everyone! I can tell you of people that I met that have gone on an international assignment and hated every single moment of their time in the foreign country that they resided in at the time. I am not going to dwell on those individuals or situations.

I am writing this blog posting to assist individuals that look at their international assignment as a new chapter in their respective life and are open to challenges, new places and things to see and do. For a majority of those individuals that have been on an international assignment with ot without dependents with their company or an international agency, most of these individuals enjoyed their time in whatever country they were located in. For the most part, they benefited from the experience. I am not saying that they enjoyed everyday or there were times they wished they were back in the States with family, friends and loved ones.

Anyway, I hope that I provided enough links and information for individuals to make an intelligent decision about their international assignment. It is very important to have the right components in an Expatriate Agreement for you and your family and to have them included in their respective international assignment relocation package.

If anyone has any suggestions for anything else, please let me know and leave a comment or two.

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