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Info on expat web sites for Italy and elsewhere


Here are some links for expat web sites for Italy and elsewhere:

  • The American – " . . . is an independent general interest online monthly magazine produced in Rome." – Source: web site
  • The Florentine – "Bi-weekly free newspaper printed in english covering italian news, events, culture, tuscany travel and food, in and around the Florence area." – Source: web site
  • ITALIA! – " . . . website for everyone who loves Italy." – Source: web site
  • Italy – Source: Taking Up Residence – "MOVING & RELOCATION GUIDES" – "Living abroad or relocating to another country to study, work or retire ?" – "Taking Up Residence offers concise and practical country information guides on a wide range of expat topics that can guide you through your move."
  • ITALY Magazine – "THE NO.1 MAGAZINE FOR LOVERS OF ALL THINGS ITALIAN" – " . . . is published monthly and is available in newsagents throughout the UK or through subscription for worldwide delivery."
  • The Informer – "The Online Gide to Living in Italy" – Source: web site
  • The Little Blue What-To-Do: The Stranger’s Guide to Perugia – Source: published by Green Door Publishing – In English, Italian
  • UmbriaOnline® – "Tour Umbria with Umbria OnLine - Tourist information, hotels, restaurants, farmhouse, residences, homes for sale or for rent. Updated news and events." – Source: web site – In English, Italian
  • Wanted in Rome – "Everything you need to know about living in Rome." – Source: web site
  • Allo' Expat – "Connecting Expats Worldwide - Expatriates Resources" – Source: web site
  • – "Guide for expatriates" – Source: web site – In multiple languages
  • Expat Arrivals "local info for global expats"
  • The Expat Directory – "The Expat Directory" – Source: web site
  • ExpatExchange – "A World of Friends Abroad" – Source: web site
  • Expat Expert – Robin Pascoe – Source: web site
  • – Choice of multiple countries – Source: web site
  • Expat Women – "Helping Women Living Overseas" – Source: web site
  • ExpatClic,com - Women’s Expatrication – "Main goal of the website is to assist women from all countries and nationalities in the daily management of their expat lives as well as to facilitate their move and relocation in a new foreign country (when not in their own country of origin)." – Source: web site – In multiple languages
  • EXPATS.ORG.UK – "is a free source of information for British expatriates, contracting or living overseas, almost a UK expats yellow pages, also with an overseas recruiter database, country information with links relevant to British expats (and any other English speaking ex-pats)" – Source: web site
  • Expats Reunite – "Reuniting friends and families all over the world" – Source: web site
  • – "... the community web site created for and by expatriates and internationally minded people everywhere." – Source: web site
  • – "Inspiring Expatriatism" – Source: web site
  • Newcomer's Guide – "Private Tours, Neighborhood Scouting and Coaching for Newcomers" – Alan Epstein – Source: As the Romans Do – "Private Tours . Photo Excursions . Photography / Creative Retreats in Italy. Italian Cooking Courses "
  • A Portable Identity – "Essential Guidebook and Coaching Services for Accompanying Spouses" – Source: web site
  • Clements International – "... is the leading provider of insurance solutions for expatriates and international organizations. Founded in 1947, Clements offers worldwide auto, property, health, life and commercial insurance with superior customer service and claims response to customers in more than 170 countries." – Source: web site
  • Expat Financial – "We Offer Global Health Insurance Plans Which Can Cover You While Traveling or Living Abroad" – Source: web site – "Global Financial Security"
  • Expat Offshore – "OFFSHORE SERVICE FOR EXPATS" – Source: web site
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