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Info about Mail Forwarding for Italy


Here are the links for mail forwarding including package delivery for Italy or anywhere else in the world:

  • Mail Forwarding Services (from USA)
    • APO Box – "gives you a US address to ship packages to your APO/FPO DPO address" Source: web site
    • bongo INTERNATIONAL – "What you want, Where you want it" Source: web site
    • Consegnato! – "Use your personal address to schedule the delivery of your order in the USA, and we will forward to your address in italy." – Source: web site – In English, Italian
    • Earth Class MaiL™ – "MAKING TIME FOR BUSINESS" Source: web site
    • "is the US leading Mail Forwarding, Personal Shopper and Virtual Office services provider." Source: web site
    • Mail Forwarding Experts – "takes care of the international delivery limitations that some merchants have. Allowing you to enter in the e-commerce world from anywhere in the globe." Source: web site
    • Mailbox & Postal Services "Get a Harder-Working Mailbox at The UPS Store." Source: The UPS Store®
    • – "Mailing Adress Rental Around the World & Worlwide Mail Forwarding Services since 1996" Source: web site
    • Shipito – "U.S.A. Address & Mail Forwarding" – "Shop in the U.S.A. and have packages forwarded to you"
    • USA2ME – "GET CLOSER" Source: web site
    •® Source: web site
    • US Global Mail – "Your Mail. Anywhere" Source: web site
    • Voyagers Mail Forwarding Service – "We serve as a snail mail forwarding service for cruising boaters, merchant marines, RV'ers, traveling business persons, actors, entertainers, vagabonds & others on the move!" Source: web site
    • Wanderers' Mail Services – "Welcome to Wanderers' Mail Services. This year marks our 96th anniversary. Established in 1909 to help the men of the sea and prospectors wandering the gold fields, have a safe and confidential place to receive their mail. Today, Wanderers' offers a complete range of services for travelers worldwide." Source: web site
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For your specific interest, please search the web for further information using Google .

The above links as of this date are/were current. If anyone has any suggestions for any other additional web sites and/or links for reference, please feel free to post your comment and I'll update this blog entry.

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Many people use relatives, friends, friends of friends, etc. to forward their mail to them, or bring items from the States when these individuals are traveling overseas. If you do not want to ask someone to do it for you, you can use one of the "mail forwarding/package delivery services" mentioned above or another one either in the town (city) or location where you used to live or search the web for a "mail forwarding service"or "package delivery service". You have many choices.

Be sure that you checkout whatever company that you choose and that they are reputable and they have a history in providing this type of service. Failure on your part may lead to lost mail or an item, that you may not know about for months.

Please remember, once a "mail forwarding or package delivery service" signs a dated receipt for a registered/certified letter or for any item requiring a signed and dated receipt on your behalf, the sender is under the impression that you have either read or seen their correspondence or received the package based upon that original dated receipt -- NOT the actual date that you received it or the item wherever you are in Italy or the world. There may even be financial or legal consequences by not replying to a mailed request/inquiry in a timely manner.


Item #1: While you may pay less for an item in the USA, please be aware that you may be liable for Italian customs fees on any "insured" package and/or a package larger than the size of a shoe box that is forwarded to you in Italy from the USA. Please note: the Italian customs fees are NOT standardized.

Item #2: Please be aware that any item shipped to another EU (European Union) country or another country before its eventual delivery to Italy are subjected to the "transit country's" restrictions of certain "prohibited" items. These restrictions on "prohibited" items may be on but are not limited to: prescription drugs or specific OTC medications, shoes, tobacco items, etc. Please check with your respective "mail forwarding or package delivery service" about "restrictions" before ordering the item for eventual delivery to Italy.

That's it for Saturday, 8 July 2006: giovedì, 8 luglio 2006.

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Anita said...
Have been using them for many months now, great website technology for shipping info, tracking details, and live chat for Qs
Personal US Address provided for $5, and shipments sent via air mail not USPS, so they get anywhere worldwide in about 4-5 days

Ronny said...

Great posting! But you have missed an awesomely cheap and efficient parcel forwarding co called Shipito. I have used them numerous times without any complaints. From my personal experience Shipito seems to be the most resourceful and cheapest in the market.

Ms Fisher said...

Such a great post about mail forwarding services. Keep on posting!