Thursday, June 28, 2012

Info about, for or on herbs and spices used in Italian cooking


Here are some links about, for or on herbs and spices used in Italian cooking:


  • Create Your Very Own Italian Herb Garden – "Many possibilities come from growing your own herbs in an Italian herb garden. Italy is home to some of the world’s tastiest herbs and, as most of us very well know, most of our favorite means originated in Italy and are favorites due to the herbs used in their preparation." – Source: Gardening With Herbs – "The Easy Way to Grow Your Ow Herbs"
  • Growing Italian Herbs – "Anyone who has ever had the benefit of tasting Italian food will appreciate that a whole lot of herbs has gone into cooking the culinary masterpiece. Some of the tastiest culinary herbs in the world are Italian and it is no surprise that Italy, as a result, is most famous for its cuisine." 
  • X – "" – ""  – "" – Source: X – ""

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