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Here are some links on tips for traveling abroad to Italy and beyond:
  • 11 Travel Tips Italians Want You To Know – ". . .Italians are very kind, and extremely patient (unless they’re driving). They are the guardians of some of history’s most magnificent treasures, and they are used to sharing them. However, there are a few things Italians want Americans to know before you arrive in their country:" – Posted: 04/09/2014 3:25 pm EDT | Updated: 06/09/2014 5:59 am EDT – by Lisa Condie, Owner of Find Yourself In Tuscany  – "About Us" – Source: Found in the HUFF/POST50 section on THE HUFFINGTON POST - Edition: US – " Inform • Inspire • Entertain • Empower"
  • 40 Tips for Visiting Italy – "I’ve spent a lot of time in Italy.  I studied abroad in Florence, traveled up and down the peninsula, and seem to keep returning.  In that time, I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge about what to do and not to do in Italy.  Here are my best tips for having a great time in Italy!" – THURSDAY, AUGUST 18, 2011 AT 11:43 AM – blogger: Kate McCulley – "About" – Source: Adventurous Kate's – "solo female travel blog"
    • Travel Resources – "After years of full-time travel, I’ve tried out tons of different travel websites, gear and resources. I’ve spent hours each week trying to figure out how to travel cheaper and better. This is a collection of the best travel resources when it comes to transportation, accommodation, gear, travel insurance, and more."
  • Foreign etiquette for Americans: Tips for traveling abroad – ". . .At USA TODAY's request, Lonely Planet put together a list of etiquette tips in the following situations for Americans heading abroad:" – 4:08 p.m. EDT September 27, 2012  – "" – Source: X – ""
  • Italy Travel and Safety Tips – "Here are travel and safety tips to help you plan and enjoy your vacation in Italy" – By Martha Bakerjian, Italy Travel Expert – Source: Found in the  Italy Travel section on
  • Italy Travel Tips –  ". . .So, here’s a page with some of what I think are the most useful Italy travel tips on the site, broken down by subject. If you think something is missing from this page, please send me a note to let me know. It’s possible I either forgot to include it here, or it’s something I need to add to my list of topics to cover. In either case, I’d love to hear from you – it helps make the site better for everyone." – by Jessica [Spiegel] – "About whyGo"  – Source: Italy section of whyGo, Part of the BootsnAll Travel Network – "ONE-STOP INDIE TRAVEL GUIDE EST. 1998"
  • Italy Travel Tips – "Everything you need to know before going to Italy." – "About Us" – Source: Fodor's Travel – "Fodor's Travel Guides - Plan Your Trip Online"
  • Top Ten Tips for Americans Traveling in Italy – "There is nothing worse than a cultural misunderstanding, especially if it has the potential to ruin a trip. I find these incidents especially painful in Italy simply because they can so easily be avoided if you’re properly prepared. Every time I happen to overhear an American traveler recounting some miscommunication, I make a mental note. There are, of course, your classic repeat offenders, but there are also some that stand out because they represent the points at which these two cultures differ. Hence, they are the same things that Italians misconstrue when they’re on American soil. So instead of letting another potential mix-up ruin even just one afternoon of someone’s long awaited adventure, I thought I’d jot down ten of the most common cultural disparities specifically for Americans traveling in Italy. Knowing these before you leave will save you headache and heartache, I promise!" – June 28, 2013 – Kellin – "About" – Source: – "Your study abroad adventure begins here"
  • What You Need To Know Before You Go: 10 Tips For Traveling Abroad – ". . .An Italian vacation was just beginning, but their mood was sinking. While ‘incidenti’ can happen to anyone, here are five steps for better preparation, and five steps to keep in mind if the worst does happen to you." – 10/09/2014 07:05 am ET | Updated Dec 09, 2014 – by Lisa Condie, Owner of Find Yourself In Tuscany – "" – Source: Found in the HUFFPOST ARTS & CULTURE section on The HUFFINGTON POST (Edition: U.S.) – " Inform • Inspire • Entertain • Empower"
  • X – "" – "" – Source: X – ""
    • 12 Tips to Make International Travel Easier – "Being in a strange place can be invigorating and eye-opening. Some of my favorite travel memories include an early-morning run along the Danube River in Budapest, touring the temples of Angkor Wat, and having late-night drinks and steak in Uruguay.  There have also been plenty of business trips where the only sites I saw were those visible from my hotel room window, because I was too busy running from one meeting to another.  Regardless of what type of trip you’re on, there are several steps you can take to ease an overseas journey. Here are 12 of my favorite international travel tips:" – by – Source: Found in the TRAVEL BLOG section on TRAVEL + LEISURE – "World Travel Guides, Articles, and Information
    • X – "" – "" – Source: X – ""

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