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Info about (electronic toll collection system) in Italy

(LAST EDITED/UPDATED: 30 April 2009)

Here are some links about the system in Italy (similar in USA to Cruise Card, EXpressToll, E-ZPass, Fastrak, K-Tag, MnPass, PalmettoPass, Pikepass, Smart Tag, SunPass, TxTAG, E-Z Pass, etc. – various electronic toll collection systems):

CAVEAT: Drivers without a passenger in right hand drive (RHD) vehicles will have difficulty paying their respective toll unless their vehicle is equipped with a TELEPASS transponder. At the Autostrade exits, the toll collector's booth or toll payment machine is on the left side of the vehicle!


    • TELEPASS: PAYING WITHOUT WASTING TIME – "A small plastic container, just a few centimetres wide, which you almost forget you have, perhaps attached behind the rear view mirror. A small jewel of technology, which allows you to pay motorway tolls without even stopping, can provide access to restricted traffic zone in the city, or can be used to pay for a parking space at the airport, a major railway station or metro interchange. All these functions are provided by Telepass (, the small revolutionary electronically controlled system invented and patented by the technicians of the company Autostrade per l'Italia, Italy's largest motorway company. " – Source: – "The Made in Italy Official Portal"
    • Telepass, Telepass, Telepass! – "Lifestyle - Living and working in Milan, Italy" – Source:
  • The Autostrada – Pauline Kenny, 2003 – Source: slowtrav italy
  • Motorway toll Italy – "Easing and advantages - all the way through Europe" – In Danish, English, German – Source: FDE
  • Tolls – Source: Vialtis
  • Tourist Survival Guide TRANSPORTATION On the Autostrada – "Transportation by Roberta Corradin and Colleen Stricker" – Source: DolceVita – "The insider's guide to Italy"
    • Telepass – "Video shows approach and passing of a toll station in Italy using a Telepass on-board unit. It was filmed by myself en route from Milan, Italy, to the Swiss border via Como, at the final toll station on the A9 motorway before the Swiss border. The film first shows the approach to the toll station, signs on the road and overhead guiding users to the Telepass-only lanes, then the toll station itself, and the toll lanes. Note the acoustic signals emitted by the OBU upon entering and exiting the toll lane and the barrier in the lane being lifted automatically as the OBU emits the first acoustic signal." – Author: Markus Stamm, Date: 2006-02-09 – Source: Wikimedia Commons
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The above links are current. If anyone has any suggestions for other sites, please feel free to post your comment and I'll update this blog entry. For your specific interest, please search the web for further information using Google .

If you spend any time traveling on or using the Autostrade, it is worth the price on acquiring a Telepass unit. Especially, if you are traveling during holiday periods or the summer vacation months, a Telepass unit will be very convenient to have and keep you out of the long lines (queues) to pay one's toll.

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piedmont_phil said...

If you want to get a telepass please bear in mind you will need an Italian bank account (payment is taken by direct bank transfer) - so this is not a solution for vacation visits.

Phil (

Anonymous said...

Theres a bunch of use from the UK going to Italy next summer to the Alfa Romeo centenary
all in RHD old cars, It drives me nuts at all the tolls around Milano, as you have to get out the car and walk around to pay every time!
Is there any way to buy a telepass online
for say three weeks or so