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Info on three day or suggested itineraries for Rome/Roma, Italy


Here are some links for three day or suggested itineraries to Rome/Roma, Italy:



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FYI, you cannot see all of Rome in 3 days or longer. You need to plan to return to Rome and take in doable sections at a time. As of this blog entry, my wife and I have lived in Italy for the past 2.3 years and this is the first time we made it down to Rome. We will be here to close to 3 weeks and will barely scrath the surface of sights to see and places to go to.

BTW, I am in Rome TODAY until the 9th of January with my wife, Martha. If anyone wants to chat or find sushi or dim sum or Asian cuisine or anything else, please post a comment with your contact info and I'll be in touch with you. We'll coordinate getting together to do something somewhere in or around Roma. We will be close to the Piramide Metro stop.

My wife's cousin, Bonnie, and her husband, Pete, flew into Rome from Philadelphia, PA, USA, on Monday and will be returning to Ocean City, NJ on Thursday morning. My wife was thrilled to see and be with family during part of our own stay in Roma. I'll update this blog entry on where and what they did while in Roma. Here is a partial list, so far, of their stay:


  • Met at Westin Excelsior Hotel in late morning
  • Walked from Westin to Spanish steps
  • Light lunch at Ristoranti Leonardo
  • Walked from ristoranti to Trevi Fountain
  • Walked from the Trevi Fountain to the Pantheon
  • Walked around the Pantheon
  • Walked from the Pantheon to Piazza Navona: checked out mercato natale (Christmas market) and fountains
  • Walked from the Piazza Navona to Josephine's Bakery (closed, no sign)
  • Walked from Josephine's Bakery on Piazza Paradiso to Bulldog Pub (sit down for a spell and had cider and Guinness) on Corso Vitttoro Emanuele
  • Caught #30 bus to Piramide Metro
  • Walked to apartment on Via Ostiense and visited with dog and cat that we (Ben and Martha) were pet and apartment sitting
  • Walked to Ristorante Novecento, a very nice neighborhood restaurant, for an excellent Italian dinner
  • Walked back to apartment and my wife walked Bonnie and Pete up to the Piramide Metro station
  • Bonnie and Pete rode the Metro and walked back to their hotel
  • End of DAY ONE
  • Late start . . .
  • Bonnie and Pete walked to St. Peter's Square (AKA Piazza San Pietro) and took a tour at the Vatican museum including a visit to the Sistine Chapel
  • Bonnie and Pete met us at St. Peter's Square
  • Bonnie, Pete and my wife, Martha, visited St. Peter's Basilica
  • Pointed out to Bonnie and Pete where one of the symbols for the movie, "Angels and Demons" was located near the nativity scene by the obelisk in the center of Piazza San Pietro.
  • Stopped for beer, wine and water at ristorante il Postiglione and used the restrooms
  • Took a bus and transferred to a tram to the Trastevere area of Rome and ate dinner at Da Ivo ristorante.
  • Walked to bus stop where we all caught the #75 bus. We parted company at our bus stop and Bonnie and Pete rode the bus back to Termini. Then, they took the Metro A line to a stop close to their hotel.
  • Late start . . .
  • Bonnie and Pete visited the Colosseum before getting caught up with my wife, Martha
  • TBS
  • Bonnie, Pete and my wife, Martha, walked to the Piazza Del Campidoglio
  • TBS
  • Bonnie, Pete and my wife, Martha, walked to and toured the Italian Emigration Museum
  • All three walked to the Piazza Venezia, viewed the lights and got gelato
  • Ben met Bonnie, Pete and his wife, Martha, at Scholars Lounge, an Irish pub for Guinness and cider
  • We walked to Osteria Corte Del Grillo for an excellent and s very EXPENSIVE seafood dinner
  • To be continued
That's it for Wednesday, 30 December 2009: mercoledì, 30 dicembre 2009

Happy New Year, Felice anno nuovo, Feliz Ano ~Nuevo, etc. to everyone.
Ciao, Ben

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