Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Info on motorcycle tours in Italy

Here are some links on motorcycle tours in Italy:

* = Blog entry has been updated.

The above links are current. If anyone has any suggestions for other sites, please feel free to post your comment and I'll update this blog entry. For your specific interest, please search the web for further information using Google .

Please note: I do NOT represent or endorse any of these links nor do I receive payment for listing them in my blog.

This blog entry is dedicated to my nephew, Ben Kooken, who lives in Eudora, Kansas and rides a Harley. When speaking to him and his best friend, Troy, on the 4th of July, 2007 and after seeing pictures of our rental house in Tuscany, he told me and my wife that they (nephew, wife, Paula and Troy) will plan to come visit us and take advantage of the H.O.G.® Fly & Ride program mention in the H.O.G. Members Only web site.

That's it for Tuesday, 10 July 2007: martedì, 10 luglio 2007.

Ciao, Ben

Moving2Italy2 – #1 source of links About, For or On Italy for those individuals moving, traveling or already living in Italy.

Today’s quote is a Italian saying, author unknown.

"Quandu si las 'a vecchia p'a nova, sabe che lasa ma non sabe che trova."
"When you leave the old for the new, you know what you are leaving but not what you will find."

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