Friday, July 27, 2007

Info on Italian TV (Television)

Here are some links on Italian TV (Television):

  • CHANNELS – Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    • Canale 5 – "is an Italian television station of Mediaset network, the media branch of Fininvest (controlled by Silvio Berlusconi). Canale 5 has been the first private television network to be founded in Italy in the year 1978 as TeleMilano 58 (it changed its name in 1980)."
    • MTV Italia – "the Italian branch of MTV, is a national channel in Italy."
    • RAI – "Radiotelevisione Italiana, usually know as Rai, is the Italian public service broadcaster."
      • Rai Uno – "is the primary television station of RAI"
      • Rai Due – "is one of the three main television channels broadcast by Italian public television company RAI alongside with Rai Uno and Rai Tre. Rai Due first started transmissions on November 4, 1961."
      • Rai Tre – "is part of RAI, the Italian government broadcasting agency, which owns other channels, such as Rai Uno and Rai Due (amongst others). Rai Tre first started transmissions on December 15, 1979. Its programs are typically oriented to information, rather than entertainment, and they look for a qualitative approach, instead of seeking higher TV ratings. Rai Tre is a left-wing oriented tv."
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Today’s quote is a Italian proverb, author unknown.

"Quando finisce la partita, i pedoni, le torri, i cavalli, i vescovi, i due re e le due regine tutti vanno nella stessa scatola."
"When the chess game is over, the pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, kings, and queens all go back into the same box."

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