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Info on traveling with your laptop to Italy and abroad


Here are some links on traveling with your laptop to Italy and abroad:

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When traveling to Italy with your laptop, there are 2 essential adapters you will need. They are the following:
  1. Electrical plug adapter required to convert USA plug to work in Italian electrical outlet. Depending on the age of the building you are in, you may need a 2 or 3 prong adapter. For further information, please read appropriate section(s) of the blog entry titled, Info about electrical plug adapters, power strips and voltage converters for Italy
  2. Telephone plug adapter required to convert the RJ-11 plug to work in the Italian telephone outlet. Please scroll down to the word "Italy" in the following web sites:
Caveat #1: One last thing to know, some hotels and offices in Italy may use a digital phone system (pbx) or multi-line phone system that may have an over-current on what may appear to be a "normal" RJ-11 telephone plug that will burnout your PCMCIA or PC card modem in your laptop. Most modern hotels and offices have telephone plugs that will cause no problems. However, there are a few that may cause you laptop modem to fail. Before plugging into the telephone outlet, be sure to ask if its safe to do so.

Caveat #2: Another thing to remember when traveling with your laptop to Italy and abroad, backup your critical documents and files to DVDs, CDs or an on-line storage somewhere and either place them in a secure location away from your laptop or someplace safe. You do NOT want to to lose your only copy of a dissertation, digital photos, research paper(s), project files, thesis or whatever because your laptop got stolen or damaged.


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Roam To Rome... said...

Grazie!! This entry is a big one for me! Since my work and study material is INSIDE my laptop! and I worried about the Italian outlets...

These articles will help me a lot. Thanx!

blobbster said...

Hi, another thing you should consider: buying an UMTS card and a prepaid card. I am working with TIM and am really happy with that (coverage, speed). It costs less than using a webcafè, you can use your own laptop and don't have to leave sensitive data! I found all the infos on squidoo and