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Info on blogs written in Tuscany/Toscana, Italy

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Here are some links for blogs written in Tuscany/Toscana, Italy:

  • At home in Tuscany – gloria – Location: Tuscany
  • Daily Mel – "poems and stories and stuff, oh my!" – Mel – Location: Firenze (Florence)
  • eurobimbo's journey to enlightenment – "life in italy, travelogues, photography, hopes & dreams" – "the tuscany files..." – Tania – Location: Cortona
  • Experience Tuscany – "Travel to Tuscany without leaving your home…blog!" – Tuscany Man – Location: Tuscany
  • Florence Journal – Location: Firenze (Florence)
  • Food scribbles – "notes on food at home and elsewhere" – indah – Location: Siena
  • friends and family in italy – “The joy of Italy often consists of doing ordinary things in extraordinary settings.” Erica Jong. Read about our ordinary things – Martha – Location: Monte San Savino (AR)
  • Have Dogs, Will Travel – "May 2005 - Two Australians moved to Tuscany where they planned to live for two years. Two weeks later their dogs, Snowy and Dermott, arrived. Four years and a property purchase later, they're all still here." – Robyn – Location: Castiglion Fiorentino (AR)
  • Life in The City of Flowers – "Me, 2 kids and sometimes a husband (!) living in Firenze, Italy. What we love here and what we don't! Must sees, must haves and more besides. Hopefully you will see our love and enthusiasm for this beautiful city." – Alyson – Location: Firenze
  • Living in Florence – "An American moves to Florence and this is what happens..." – Melinda Gallo – Location: Firenze
  • Living Italy – "Experience Italy with me as I discuss both visiting and living in Italy. I provide information on: renting property, off the beaten path tours, getting married in Italy, finding and purchasing property, finding employment, keeping ties with your home country, raising a family in Italy,driving in Italy,regional food, recipes,learning the Italian language,networking and making friends in Italy, bargain shopping in Italy,and much much more." – Lucia – Location: Chiusi, Siena
  • Livorno Daily Photo – Contributors: Trillian and Vogon Poet – Location: Livorno
  • Lucullian delights - An Italian experience – "I cook, I take photos and I post the results here. I like to cook genuine food with a lot of taste, I suppose most of us does, and I experiment quite a lot with recipes. What I post here are the successful ones, let's forget about the failures - life's too short!" – Ilva Beretta – Location: Pistoia
  • Mamma Americana – Christina Irons Lisi – Location: Florence
  • Moving to Florence – "a do it yourself guide to moving to and living in Florence" – flobugg
    – Location: Florence
  • Olio di Oliva e Sogni di Vino – "Passion for Italy, Language and Wine" – katerinafiore AKA Katie Greenaway – Location: Firenze
  • Over a Tuscan Stove – "Thoughts and recipes from your Italian life coach-and cooking teacher Judy Witts of Divina Cucina Cooking School Everyone should try being Italian once a day!" – Judy Witts – Location: Toscana
  • Casey, Italy and Other Good Stuff – Jane – Location: formerly, Greve in Chianti, Firenze – Unfortunately, Jane, Ken and Casey have returned to the States but they are still traveling the world
  • If not now, when? – "One American woman. Twenty acres and a 1650 farmhouse in Tuscany. Random introspection and hilarity, depending on the day." – Viaggiatore – Location: formerly, Monte San Savino (AR), Toscana (Tuscany) – Unfortunately, Viaggiatore has returned to the States
  • Florence and Tuscany Blog – "Photos, stories and tips about Florence, Pisa, Siena, San Gimignano and other places in Tuscany, Italy." – Suzanne Morrison – Location: Edinburgh in Scotland, UK.
  • The Maremma Travel Guide Blog – "Maremma's beauty will capture your heart, Her wildernesses touch your soul" – ? – Location: Maremma
  • Siena is Tuscany – "La vita e' breve" – Steve Soper – Location: Rhode Island, United States
  • Tuscany Blog – "Anticipating a trip to paradise" Under The Tuscan Gun "Every week new, fresh, healthy, traditional Tuscan recipes...delivered!"Marc – Location: ?
  • Tuscany – "is your guide to Tuscany on the internet: a journey through this region where you can find a wealth of resources, history and traditions: tourism, culture, art, gastronomy, itineraries, events, and much more." – Multiple contributors – Location: ?
  • Under The Tuscan Gun – "Every week new, fresh, healthy, traditional Tuscan recipes...delivered!" – 2007-2009 © Debi Mazar & Gabriele Corcos – Location: ?
  • Flip Florence – "Videos of Florence with a Flip Mino HD!" – ? – Location: Florence
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