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Info on 2009 Events and Festivals (feste or sagre) in Toscana (Tuscany)

(LAST EDITED/UPDATED: 9 December 2009)

Here are some links for 2009 Events and Festivals (AKA feste or sagre) in
Toscana (Tuscany):

The 10 provinces of Toscana are the following with their respective two digit province code in brackets:
  1. Arezzo (AR)
  2. Firenze (FI)
  3. Grosseto (GR)
  4. Livorno (LI)
  5. Lucca (LU)
  6. Massa-Carrara (MS)
  7. Pistoia (PT)
  8. Pisa (PI)
  9. Prato (PO)
  10. Siena (SI)
  • Arezzo Wine
    • Dates: 27 February - 1 March 2010
    • Location: Centro Affari e Convegni (convention center), Arezzo
    • Times: 11:00 - 18:00 (6:00 PM)
FESTIVALS (feste)/FIERA (fairs)
      • Dates: 31 October and 1 November
      • Dates: 5 - 6 December
    • Lucca Mercato dell'Antiquariato (Antique Market) – On the third Sunday and the Saturday before – Location: Within the walls of Lucca
      • Dates: 17 - 18 October
      • Dates: 14 - 15 November
      • Dates: 19 - 20 December
    • Mercato dell'Antiquariato (Antiques Market) – On the fourth Sunday of the month – Location: Centro Storico, Monte San Savino (AR)
      • Date: 25 October
      • Date: 29 November
      • Date: 8 November
      • Date: 13 December
      • Date: 25 October
      • Date: 22 November
      • Date: 27 December
  • Toscana e Tirreno – In English, Italian
    • Tutte le sagre e feste di Toscana: Gennaio 2009 – Events: In Italian Only
      • Feste e sagre ad Arezzo
      • Feste e Sagre a Firenze
      • Feste e Sagre a Grosseto
      • Feste e Sagre a Livorno
      • Feste e Sagre a Lucca
      • Feste e Sagre a Massa Carrara
      • Feste e Sagre a Pisa
      • Feste e Sagre a Pistoia
      • Feste e Sagre a Prato
      • Feste e Sagre a Siena
  • EVENTI UNICI DI OGGI (Today's events) – In Italian Only – Events by month under "CALENDARIO EVENTI A FIRENZE" – In Firenze and the province – Source: Digi space.it – "il portale dei divertimento"
  • Eventi e Sagre – "Primavera 2009 " – "Eventi, Fiere, Sagre, Mercatini, Manifestazioni, Ricette..." – In Italian OnlySource: eventiesagre.it
    • From the home page, select Eventi
      • On the next screen, you can make multiple selections from Categoria (category), Sezione (section), Mese (Month), Regione (region), Provincia (province), Città (City)
      • For events in Toscana (Tuscany), please select the following:
        • Under Sezione, select Feste or Sagre
        • Under Mese, select the specific month you are looking for
        • Under Regione, select Toscana or another region in Italy
        • Under Provincia, select one of 10 provinces
        • Under Città, select the city of the event or leave blank
  • Eventi e Manifestazioni in Italia (Events and Entertainment) – "Guida completa a feste, sagre, fiere, mercatini e manifestazioni." – By Region – Please note: The Italian version provides more detail and events. – Source: Paesi on Line – In English, Italian
  • EVENTSSource: The Florentine – "The English speaking local newspaper in Florence"
  • Feste per un annoIn Italian Only – By Month – Source: Unicoop Firenze
  • Festivals in Tuscany 2009 – "Tuscan fairs, Tuscan festivals, folklore, sagre, feste and events in Tuscany - a Tuscany festival calendar"
  • Italian Holidays, Festivals, Street Parties… – "a list of Italian holidays and festivals which can be accessed by city, region and date." – Source: the Hostetler web site
    • Under "Region", select "Toscana"
    • Under "Month", select any month of the year you are interested in traveling
    • Press the "Submit" button, on the next screen, a listing of events will appear
  • sagreinitalia.it – "Il portale delle sagre, fierre e manifestazioni tradizionali" – In Italian Only
    • Under "Dove" (where), select "Toscana" or whatever region you are interested in
    • Under "A partire da :", select time frame
    • Under "Che cosa:", select type of event, feste, sagre, etc.
  • From the web sites of the APT (agenzia per il turismo) for the various provinces of Toscana. Please note: The Italian version provides more detail and information about the respective events in their respective province.
    • In the province of Arezzo, Eventi e manifestazioniIn English, Italian
    • In the province of Firenze, from the main page of apt FIRENZEIn English, Italianselect Eventi
    • In the province of Grosseto, from the main page of Agenzia per il Turismo della Maremma (Grosseto) – In English, German, Italianselect EVENTS
    • In the province of Livorno, from the main page of Costa degli Etruschi "mediterranean tuscany" – In English, French, German, Italian, Spanishselect from "events of this month" section of the main web page
    • In the province of Lucca, from the main page of APT LUCCA, select a day from the section titled, "", where XXX is the month of the year
    • In the province of Massa Carrara, there is no separate page on the APT MASSA CARRARA web site for events – In English, French, Italian
    • In the province of Pisa, there is no separate page on the APT PISA web site for events – In English, Italian
    • In the province of Pistoia, from the main page of AGENZIA PER IL TURISMO ABETONE PISTOIA MONTAGNA PISTOIESEIn English, German, Italian (Please note: While it states an English and German version, only Italian works) – select Eventi
    • In the province of Prato, from the main page of APT PRATOIn English, German, Italianselect Events
    • In the province of Siena, from the main page of Terre di SienaIn English, Italian, Japaneseselect Eventi
  • Tuscany Tourist Offices & InformationSource: AngloINFO Tuscany – "Life in Tuscany, in English!"
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The above links as of this date are/were current. If anyone has any suggestions for any other additional web sites and/or links for reference, please feel free to post your comment and I'll update this blog entry.

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FYI: Wherever possible, I attempted to provide information about a specific event, festa or sagra in English. However, while a web site states there may be an English version of it, you will usually find more information about the specific event, festa or sagra in the Italian version.

For those of you that say there is nothing to do on weekends in Italy, you are WRONG! Before my wife and I moved to Italy in 2007, we had attended several feste, sagre and events in the years before our move. You can spend as much or as little as you want and get to meet and see Italians, their friends and other travelers and visitors celebrate various and sundry events in and around their towns. There is more to Italy than museums, historical sites, art, hilltop towns/cities, etc.

According to the August, 2008 issue of Italy Magazine, "...you have on average 1,000 different sagre in each of Italy's 21 regions." So, if I missed your favorite event, festa and/or sagra in Toscana (Tuscany), please send me an email MSG or post a comment.

When you are driving around or walking around the many towns and cities of Toscana, take the time to read the bulletin/notice/bill boards in these towns and cities. This is where my wife and I find about a specific event, festa or sagra in the town, city or somewhere in the surrounding area. Depending on the size of the event, festa or sagra, it may not have a web site or be listed on web sites that keep track of events, feste or sagre in Italy. You will find most of these notices for events, feste or sagre are usually printed in a bright color and sometimes only a week or two before the actual event, festa or sagra.

For events, feste and sagre outside of Toscana, please read my blog entries titled, Info on Events and Festivals (festa or sagra) in Italy and Info on Events and Festivals (feste or sagre) in Umbria. If I missed any events, feste and sagre, please send me an email MSG or post a comment.

EXPLANATION: The reason that I have provided multiple sources and lists is because there is no all inclusive listing for feste, sagre and events in Toscana or Italy. Even if an event, festa or sagra is listed somewhere, it may be dated, contain inaccurate information or list information from last year's event, festa or sagra.

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