Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Info on Travel Blogs about, for or on Italy


Here are some links on Travel Blogs about, for or on Italy:

    • Bytes of Italy – "Random Pieces of Italian Culture, Food, Products and Travel" – ? – Location: ?
    • Bytes of Italy – "Random Pieces of Italian Culture, Food, Products and Travel" – ? – Location: ?
    • Florence Journal – ? – Location: Firenze (Florence), Toscana (Tuscany)
    • L'Italia Di Patrizia – Patrizia – Location: ?
    • Italy Heaven: news, tips and travel tales – "Italy travel, news, reports and thoughts from the creators of the lovely Italy Heaven tourist guide" – Contributors: Italy Heaven, Travelling Blonde – Location: ?
    • Italian's Insight to Travel Italy – "A view into Italian culture through food, wine, and travel. Twenty years of personal experiences expressed in a series of short stories. See Italy through my eyes and find the sometimes underdiscovered treasures that make Italy such a fantastic place. This is an attempt to help you stay clear of the tourist traps, see the world as an Italian and enjoy a few days away from the superficial, without requiring a second mortgage to pay for it. "– David & Raffaella – Location: ?
    • Living Venice…and beyond. – "Personal observations, information, and occasional instructions by author and Venice inhabitant Nan McElroy" – Nan McElroy – Location: Venice
    • Perugia Blog – "An Etruscan Town, a resident's point of view" – Location: Perugia, Umbria
    • Rome Blog: News, events and tips. – "News, events, peoples and all notice about Eternal city" – ? – Location: Rome, Lazio
    • Via Ritiro N.7 Diary – "This is a diary about the food, wine, culture, architecture and people of South-East Sicily in particular, and the Mediterannean in a more general sense. It is also a diary of - loveSicily - a small, independent tour operator that organises cookery courses and tailormade holidays in South-East Sicily. " – Katia Amore and Ronald Ashri – Location: Ispica (RG), Sicilia (Sicily)
    • Wandering Italy – James Martin – Location: ?


  • Italy – "Italy Travel Blogs, Photos, Guides, Accomodation, Forum – Source: TravelBlog – "Free Inspiration"
  • Italy – "Italy travel blogs, photos and videos" – Source: Travel Pod – "The Web's Original Travel Blog"




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While it's nice to read about travels in Italy, you need to experience the real thing. I have been very fortunate to have travel as much as I have and to have lived in Germany, Kuwait and now Italy for extended periods of time. Living in a foreign country is not like moving to another state or across the country. There are major differences but if you are flexible and open minded, you will adapt to your new surroundings.

That's it for Tuesday, 20 November 2007: martedì, 20 novembre 2007.

Ciao, Ben

Moving2Italy2 – #1 source of links About, For or On Italy for those individuals moving, traveling or already living in Italy.

Today's quote is an Italian proverb, author unknown.

"La vita e un sogno."

"Life is a dream."

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Anonymous said...

Here is another English language blog about travelling through Italy, which I like a lot and you might add to your list: www.italytravelnotes.com. They have some good podcasts as well.