Friday, February 23, 2007

Info on Consulate Jurisdictions for the Embassy of Italy and Consulates General in the USA


Here are the links for the Consulate Jurisdictions for the Embassy of Italy and Consulates General in the USA:

  1. Embassy of Italy
    • 3000 Whitehaven Street, N.W.
      Washington, DC 20008
      Tel.: (202) 612-4400
      Fax: (202) 518-2151
    • Consulate Jurisdiction for the District, specific counties within the State of Maryland and specific counties within the Commonwealth of Virginia:
      • District of Columbia
      • Maryland: only Montgomery and Prince George Counties
      • Virginia: only Arlington and Fairfax Counties
  2. Consulate General of Italy -- For further information, please click on the "The consulate network" for each city of the Consulate General listed below:
* = Blog entry has been updated.

The source for the above information came from the following sections on the website of the Embassy of Italy in Washington, DC USA:
The above links are current. If anyone has any suggestions for other sites, please feel free to post your comment and I'll update this blog entry. For your specific interest, please search the web for further information using Google .

NOTE: You need to go or send your paperwork to either the Embassy of Italy or one of the Consulate General of Italy offices depending on where you reside in the USA, an American Territory listed under the Italian Consulate General SAN FRANCISCO, on one of the Caribbean islands listed under the Italian Consulate General MIAMI or to Italian Consulate General NEW YORK in the case of Bermuda.

The Embassy of Italy or one of the Consulate General of Italy offices handles visas and the following consular services for Italian citizens and non-Italian individuals :
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Elizabeth said...

Congratulations on this amazing blog! I have been living in Italy for 25 years and you know more about the practical side of things than I do. Be prepared though for the "soft" side when you get here -- the cultural differences that involve values, beliefs and assumptions about how the world works. This area is what I talk about in my blog. between the two of us, we cover just about everything.
good luck with your preparations.

Anonymous said...

I have lived in Italy for many years. The US embassy does not help much..if at all. Moving to Italy means that one must have a new mind set and totally be prepared for some culture shock! The food is just great but note that many Italians are liberals and many Communists are from the old Socialist parties. Most Italians are not in favor of US politics though they will enjoy US media. If you don't know people one can get scammed by some small business people. If you plan to move to Italy get yourself a "Commercialist" which is half accountant and half attorney. Make sure he/she speaks English. Many can not make the transition..some have.