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Info on Comunes in Italy

(LAST EDITED/UPDATED: 10 March 2010)

Here are some links on Comunes in Italy:

  • comuni.itIn Italian Only
  • Comuni-Italiani.it "Italian Cities and Towns. Information and statistics on Italian Regions, Provinces and Municipalities. All Cities, Towns and Villages in Italy. Official site, zip codes, phone prefix, population, useful links." – In English, Italian
  • Comunes of Italy "Devoted to Italian Genealogy & All Things Italian" – "is published every other month. It consists of 20-24 pages that are packed with information. Each issue features a province in Italy. Meaning that issue will contain every ounce of information you need to research in that province, (postal codes, Roman Catholic church addresses in the province, Archivio di Stato address, tourist office address, newspaper addresses, census info, etc.) with some provincial recipes and history included for good measure. Copies of original Italian documents are displayed in the pages to give the researcher a better understanding of what they are, the information they contain, and the significance and importance of each." – Source: ItalianAncestry.com
  • Communes of Italy – Source: Statoids
  • Welcome to Como – In English, Italian – Source: Comune di Como
    • Tourism – "Informations for the tourist and the visitor."
  • City of Florence "English version pages contain only part of the information available, they are aimed at tourists and foreigners but we are constantly updating them and adding new pages so please visit them again." – In English, Italian – Source: Comune di Firenze
  • guide for visitors Comune di Cagli – Source: Comune di Cagli
  • ROMATURISMO.IT – Azienda di Promozione Turistica del Comune di Roma – Versions: In Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish – Source: Comune di Roma
  • Torino Turistica – In English, also in French, Italian, Spanish – Source: Comune di Torino – Language editions: In Albanian, Arabic, English, French, Italian, Romanian, Spanish
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