Friday, October 06, 2006

Info on DIY (do it yourself) - Home Depot/Lowe's type - Stores in Italy

Here are some links for DIY (do it yourself) - Home Depot/Lowe's type - Stores in Italy:

DIY (do it yourself)
    • BricoferIn Italian Only – "The big shop chain in the Center of Italy, fully focussed on do-it-yourself, building and hardware sector." – Source: Fini Compressors - Partners
    • CASTORAMAIn Italian Only
    • LEROY MERLINIn Italian Only
      • OBI – "Il tao mondo con le tue mani!"
    The above links are current. If anyone has any suggestions for other sites, please feel free to post your comment and I'll update this blog entry. For your specific interest, please search the web for further information using Google .

    That's it for Friday, 6 October 2006: venerdì, 6 ottobre 2006.

    Ciao, Ben

    Moving2Italy2 – The #1 source of links About, For or On Italy for those individuals moving, traveling or already living in Italy.

    Today’s quote is an Italian proverb, author unknown.

    "A confessore, medico e avvocato non tener il ver celato."
    To confessor, doctor, and lawyer do not hide the truth.

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    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for the information on Italy. Nice to know there are hardware stores to fix up a house that we want to buy.