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Info on Teaching English in Italy

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Here are some of the links for Teaching English (ESL) in Italy:

  • Becoming a Better EFL Teacher – "For foreign language learning, for teaching English as a Foreign Language, to develop skill as an Article Writer or give polished Speaking Presentations - You're in the right place!" – Source: blog web site
  • BLOGS – Source: ESLPundit – "the esl network"
  • Learning English Blog – Source: Learning English section of BBC (International Version)
  • Teach English in Italy – "This blog is open to any and all opinions but I request that you be 1) honest (info that's accurate, balanced and complete), and 2) civilized (polite and constructive). Those two qualities are what make a blog a desirable community for mature people." – Source: Frank Adamo
  • THE FCE BLOG – by Claudia Ceraso – "An afterclass meeting point for all First Certificate in English Students"
  • TEFL BLOG – Source: eslbase
  • EFL – "English as a Foreign Language"
  • ELT – "English Language Teaching. This term is mainly used by institutions in the U.K." – Source: International TEFL Teacher Training
  • TEFL – "Teaching English as a Foreign Language. This term is predominantly used when English is being taught in a country where it isn't the native language (for example teaching English to Spanish people in Spain)" – Source: International TEFL Teacher Training
  • TESL – "Teaching English as a Second Language. This is where English is being taught to non-native speakers of English in a country where it is the native language (for example teaching emigrants to the UK/USA)." – Source: International TEFL Teacher Training
  • TESOL – "Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. This term theoretically encompasses both of the above." – Source: International TEFL Teacher Training
  • CELTA – "is an initial qualification for people with little or no previous teaching experience and opens up a whole world of exciting teaching opportunities. Because it is awarded by Cambridge ESOL, part of the world famous University of Cambridge, you can rely on its quality and recognition." – Source: University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations
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That's it for Tuesday, 8 August 2006: martedì, 8 agosto 2006.

Ciao, Ben

Today’s quote is a Italian proverb, author unknown.

"Chi la fa L' aspetti."
"He who does it gets it."

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