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  • Burnt To A Crisp – The Italian Post Office, Of Course. – "Among my friends and family, they know how much I hate Italian Post Offices. Some have described it as a phobia: ufficiopostalefobia (postophobia (var. Italian))." – December 21, 2013 – ©Ann Reavis – "About" – Source: Tuscan Traveler – "Burnt to a Crisp Under the Tuscan Sun"
  • How to Use the Italian Post Office (Poste Italiane) – "How am I to send my postcards,” said a friend, “when I can’t even find the right person at the Italian Post Office to talk to?” Another friend lamented, “I usually send my postcards with ‘I’ll be seeing you before you read this.’” It is true that the Italian postal service, called the Poste Italiane, doesn’t have a very good reputation. One of the most difficult elements of mailing something in Italy is that the post offices are set up entirely different than those we are used to in the United States. Once you get the hang of how the Poste Italiane works, you may conclude that the Poste Italiane isn’t really all that bad. . ." – Published/Revised October 23, 2015 – By – "ABOUT US" – Source: EUROPE UP CLOSE – "The Insider’s Guide to Travel in Europe"
  • The Italian mail – "The Italian postal system and how to send letters and postcards from Italy that will get home before you do. Where to find stamps in Italy: You can get stamps (francobolli) not only at post offices, but at most tabacchi (tobacconists—any shop marked with a white-on-brown "T" sign), and many newsstands. . ." – by Reid Bramblett – "About reidsitaly" –  Source: – "travel beyond vacations ™"
  • The Italian Post and How to Post things to Italy – "You might think that mailing something to Italy would be as simple as popping it in a letter box.  You would be wrong though, for this is often when the trouble with the Italian post starts." – May 11, 2009 – by  – "About" – Source: ITALY chronicles – "The Italy You Don't Know" – "all about the Italy you don't know - news, politics, views, analysis, travel, food and more. Discover sides of Italy others don't always write about in English."
  • The Italian Post Office – "The Ufficio Postale is a place where you go to accomplish all sorts of daily tasks.  There is an incongruous array of services that confounds the uninitiated American who had always believed that a post office was a place from which to send packages.  And paradoxically, the one thing that you often cannot do at an Italian post office is buy stamps. . ." – by Rick Zullo – "START HERE – Source: RICK'S ROME – "Rick's Rome Italy Blog for Advice to Travelers"
  • Posteitaliane – In Italian Only – "Home Page" – Source: web site 
  • Post Offices in Italy – "A trip to an Italian post office can be a baffling experience.  If you can figure out how to get in the door, then you are one step ahead of me. My first time at an ufficio postale, I could not figure out how to enter the office.  I finally realized that I had to stand in front of a weird looking capsule and wait for a green light.  Green means GO, and if you step forward the doors will open to allow you into the waiting chamber.  I assume this is so someone somewhere can verify that you are abiding by the prominent pictorial depictions that clearly declare “NO GUNS! NO KNIVES!” After another green light, you are permitted through another set of automatic doors and into the post office. . ." – October 22, 2010 – by  – "ABOUT" – Source: AN AMERICAN IN ROME – "Rome, Food, Travel,"
  • X – "" – "" – "" – Source: X – ""
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