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  • ITALY IN JUNE – "People who have travelled to Italy during the off season months of January,   February  or March would be absolutely stunned by the number of tourists that they would find in the month of June. The tourist season kicks off in Italy in April, with May and June the two of the busiest months in the country. The main reason for these many people travelling to the country in June is because of the excellent weather. It is a good time to visit, but for those who don't mind the crowds or the high prices of hotel rooms and airfares. At times, it might seem there is no slack tourist season in Italy, since no matter when you visit, you'll always find people: June is the best time to visit Italy in terms of weather but, for those planning to travel on a low budget, it is best to avoid it. In June, car rentals, airfares, hotels and pretty much all services involved in tourism tend to be more expensive. From eateries to craft and souvenirs shops, prices may well be higher than in the Autumn or the Winter." – Tue, 02/24/2015 - 00:00 – Submitted by ancos – Source: – "is a website that covers multiple aspects of Italian contemporary life and tourism." – "News | Travel | Food & Wines | Culture | Lifestyle | Fashion | Moving to Italy | Learn Italian | Home & Garden | Places"
  • Italy in June – "June in Italy is the peak of the tourist season, when crowd numbers and prices are at their highest point. The temperature will climb later in the summer, but throughout Italy it’s plenty warm already in June." – May 5th, 2009 – by Jessica [Spiegel]  – "About whyGo" – Source: Italy section on whyGo, Part of the BootsnAll Travel Network – "ONE-STOP INDIE TRAVEL GUIDE EST. 1998" 
  • Italy in June 2016  – "What to do in Italy in June" – "In terms of weather, June is almost perfect, and this is why tourists from all over the world flock to the country during this time. However, for those travelling on a tight budget, June in Italy isn’t a good idea because of the high rates of airfare, hotel rooms, and other services. Because this is peak season, be prepared to see hordes of tourists wherever you go, especially major cities like Rome, so book your hotel rooms early. If you want peace and quiet, get away from the large cities and go to the charming country villages. June is ideal for seaside activities because the water is finally starting to warm up." – "About Us" – Source: VAMORO – "where & when to travel"
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  • 10 Best Places to Visit in Italy – "JLocated in Southern Europe, this boot-shaped country is one of the world’s most popular travel destinations for a number of reasons that include art treasures, trendy fashion, stunning landscapes, passionate people and top-class cuisine. Italy offers so much to see and do that it would take a lifetime to explore. An overview of the best places to visit in Italy:" –  Last updated on March 24, 2016 in Italy – "About" – Source: touropia – "DESTINATIONS | DISCOVER | HOTELS"
  • L'Italo-Americano – "is a weekly publication serving the Italian-American community throughout the United States. Established in 1908, L'Italo-Americano is the oldest Italian-American newspaper in the US with a mission to promote and preserve Italian culture and heritage by reporting in both Italian and English on subjects such as arts and culture, literature, education, history, business, sciences, sports, lifestyle to name a few." – "ABOUT US" – Source: web site – "The #1 source for all things Italian since 1908"
  • Martha's Italy – ". . .On this site we’ll share our Italian travels and recommendations, not only in the popular places like Rome and Tuscany but also in the special hidden places we enjoy and that the typical tourist might overlook. Martha has traveled to all of Italy’s 20 regions and is passionate about sharing her vast travel experiences with others." – blogger: Martha Bakerjian – Source: web site – " About | Articles | Newsletter"
  • When to Travel – "QUICK ANSWERS…. | THE TRAVEL SEASONS IN EUROPE | PRICING VERSUS WEATHER & CROWDS ~ ITALY | " – "About Us" – Source: Italy Source – "Independent Travel to Italy & Europe" – "How It Works | Travel Tips | All Packages | Applause"
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  • Source: YouTubeIT – "Language: English • Country: Italy" 
    • Alvaro Soler - Sofia – Found in the Italy Top 40 Songs This Week | 2016, June – "The single “El Mismo Sol” by young Spanish vocalist Alvaro Soler was one of the biggest summer hits of 2015. Now Soler is about to follow this impressive success story with his new single “Sofia”, set to support the rerelease of his Eterno Agosto album, which is due out in July and includes newly recorded and previously unreleased material. The song was written and produced in Los Angeles, where Alvaro Soler and his team of producers were working with RedOne (Lady Gaga, Nicole Scherzinger, Jason Derulo Jennifer Lopez, etc.).  You can’t help feeling that the whole world will be singing about “Sofia” this summer. The music video, shot in Cuba, is likely to contribute further to the record’s success. Looks like all doors are open for “Sofia”. One thing is clear: this summer once again, it will be impossible to avoid enjoying this young Spanish vocalist and his music." – Published on Apr 15, 2016  –by: AlvaroSolerVEVO
    • Gran Paradiso, Aosta Valley, Italy Climb; June 14-15, 2015 – "Following my mountaineering dreams, I was given an opportunity to climb Gran Paradiso with Guide service Chamonix Experience based in Chamonix, France in June of 2015." – Published on Jul 8, 2015 – by: Published on Jul 8, 2015
    • June Italy Vacations  – "   Italy tours 2015 on sale now. Click to find the best Italy June vacation for you. Book early to save on June Italy vacations. June is the perfect month for a trip to Italy. Italy's art cities Rome, Florence, Venice are in full bloom before the throng of tourists arrive. Italy's natural beauty destination along the Amalfi Coast, Northern Italy and Italian Lakes, Cinque Terre, and Sicily are all pleasant in June. Book June all inclusive Italy vacations early to guarantee your spot on the tour and to take advantage of early booking discounts. has affordable trips to Italy in June. Singles, couples, families, groups, honeymooners, and friends will all enjoy a vacation to Italy in June. High school and college graduates will also be pleased with an Italian June vacation. All inclusive Italy tour packages include airfare to Italy, 4 star hotel accommodations, transportation between cities, walking tours of Italy's cities, and museum entrance fees with skip the line tickets. The early summer season is a very popular time to tour Italy. June typically has very nice weather for sightseeing. Your Rome tours, Florence tours, Venice tours and excursions are lovely during the Italian early Summer. Rekindle deep romance with a gondola ride in Venice. Italy during the summer time is bursting with flowers and festivals. While staying in central accommodations you will enjoy the best of Italy. Visit Rome's piazzas and fountains. Throw a coin in the Trevi fountain, Marvel the Colosseum and Ancient Roman Forum. piazzas of Rome, Signoria Square in Florence, Piazza Navona in Rome, Capri, all along the tours of Italy. June Italy tour packages typically sell out by early December. Fall Italy tours typically sell out by June. The Tuscany region is wine harvest during Fall. October is lovely in Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast. By late October Lake Como becomes cool." – Published on Jul 16, 2013 – by: Motorino WebVisionItaly
    • Mirjami @ ITALY - June 2014 – "DJ Mirjami at ITALY - June 2014 - QUISISANA JAZZ CLUB ON THE BEACH" – Published on Jun 25, 2014 – by: DJane Mirjami
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  • Average Temperatures for Italy in June – "Average temperatures for June at cities and vacation spots all over Italy are listed below in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit." – by Liz Osborn – "About" – Source: Current Results – "weather and science facts"
  • Weather in Italy  – "Italy Weather Throughout the Year" – "Italy is not a huge country, but the weather from the top to the toe of this boot will vary pretty dramatically throughout the year. Plus, with the long coastlines and mountain ranges, the temperature can change in a matter of minutes as you go from town to town. Here is some information about the average temperature in Italy for a few cities, with charts listing high and low average temperatures – in both Fahrenheit and Celsius – as well as the average number of wet days in each city below. Since it doesn’t make sense for me to list every single city in Italy here, I’ve chosen to post the seasonal averages for Milan (in northern Italy), Rome (in central Italy), and Palermo (in Sicily) as examples. For the most up-to-the-minute forecast of what’s happening weather-wise in Italy, both in these cities and in any others you’re planning to visit, I like the Italian weather site. It is in Italian, but it’s pretty easy to figure out." – by Jessica [Spiegel]  – "About whyGo" – Source: Italy section on whyGo, Part of the BootsnAll Travel Network – "ONE-STOP INDIE TRAVEL GUIDE EST. 1998"
  • Weather in Italy in June 2016  – "Check the weather in Italy in June before you book your next holiday. Long-term weather averages give the best indication of the weather in June 2016 and includes figure for temperature, sunshine and rainfall for Italy.  The June weather guide for Italy shown below is for Rome." – ""  – "About us" – Source: – "travel deals for your holiday in the sun"
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  • How to Dress in Italy – "Traveling to Italy? Italians can be very fashion-conscious, so there are a few things you should know about dressing in Italy. There is no formal dress code, but fashion is important in Italian culture, and Italians typically pay close attention to a person's clothes"– "" – "" – Source: wikiHow – "We're trying to help everyone on the planet learn how to do anything. Join us."  
  • What to wear in Italy in June – "June is the peak traveling month in Italy. The weather in the month of June is pleasant and visitors from all over the country come to spend holidays in Italy. This is one of the popular holiday destinations for the month of June. So when you are planning to spend your holidays in Italy then you need to prepare yourself for being patient and have more time to meet up with the requirements of large crowds. The weather of summers ranges from pleasantly warm to hot and it all depends upon the region in Italy. With little variations in the weather, the weather of Italy is very lovely with beautiful scenery to take lots of pictures" – "Clothes to Wear In Italy in June" – "" – Source: BEST UP NOW – "Automotive | Fashion | Beauty | Health | HomeParenting | Technology | Travel"  
  • What to Wear in Italy: Dress like a Local – "This Local's Approved Packing List, What to Wear in Italy, is brought to you by TFG's guest fashion blogger and native Italian, Jacopo Grazzi. He is currently studying fashion in the UK and giving TFG his European insight. Check out his blog and you can follow him on Twitter. Thank you, J!"– June 27, 2013 at 6:07 am – blogger: Jacopo Grazzi – "About" – Source: Travel Fashion Girl – "is the ultimate women's travel resource for packing, fashion, and beauty!"
  • X – ""– ""– "" – Source: X – ""
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