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  • Booking Italian Train Tickets  – "I was in Italy last month and once again I was reminded of how easy and cheap it is to travel in Italy by train. Don’t get me wrong, hiring a car is great for exploring the countryside. But, traveling Italy by train is convenient, fast, relatively cheap and a fun way to get around. Sadly, most Americans don’t have enough time to get outside of the Rome-Florence-Venice route. So, if you are trying to connect the dots between the bigger cities, I recommend traveling by train in Italy. Even exploring regions like Lombardia and the Veneto can easily be done by train."– on March 28, 2016 – by: Angel Castellanos – "About" – Source: Found in Travel Tips on Angels Travel Lounge AKA THE TRAVEL AMBASSADOR – "Travel Smart, Travel Well, Travel Often"
  • Getting Around Italy – "Italy offers tourists many options for transportation around the country. Once in Italy you don’t have to worry about this if you planned in advance the way to get around.  Italy is well-connected due to its transportation system; here you’ll find a lot of useful information and tips to travel around Italy by train, bus, car, plane, ferry and even bicycle; you must analyze all the options and choose the best for your trip, consider the size of your destination and the time that you’ll spend in the country; maybe you’ll prefer a fast means of transport, but you must be careful with your budget; Our main advice for you is: do not waste your precious vacation time." – "" – "About Us" – Source: ITALY TRAVEL AKA – "YOUR TRAVEL GUIDE TO ITALY"
  • Travel Skills – "Save Money, Time, and Stress on Your Next---and EVERY--Trip. Travel tips, tactics, strategies, and ploys to help you travel better." – "" – by: Charles McCool  – Source: web site – ""
  • Travel Skills: It's In the Bag … Literally – "The subject of this Travel Topic Briefing is luggage with the emphasis on "lug". Lighter and less will make travelling more enjoyable. For this trip, and dare I say any trip, wheeled luggage with a retractable handle is the key. It's hard to believe that we once travelled without wheeled luggage. Porters have all but disappeared in most airports and train stations, so managing your luggage is now a necessity. . ." – Kathy Scopin, Tour Director – "About Us" – Source: First Trip to Italy – "Guided Tours: Italy"
    • Travel Skills: If the Shoe Fits ... – "One of the most important decisions you'll make, and one that can create the biggest dilemma is what shoes to take with you on the trip to Italy. It is imperative that "the shoe fits" and supports your feet. Remember that you will be walking on uneven cobblestones at times. . ."
  • Travel skills and techniques used by people who are blind or visually impaired – "People who are blind use varied techniques in traveling from place to place.  We wrote Chapter 2 in Accessible Pedestrian Signals: A Guide to Best Practice on travel by pedestrians who are blind or who have low vision.  A number of other sites provide comprehensive information about the travel skills and techniques used." – "" – "About ADB" – Source: Accessible Design for the Blind – "is committed to making travel safer for pedestrians with disabilities through research, consultation, education and advocacy."
  • Travel tips to plan your trip to Italy – "We want you to have the best of times in Italy! In this section you will find useful information and travel tips to plan your trip to Italy: transport" – "" – "About us" – Source: SUMMER IN ITALY – "Vacation rental in Italy - Villas and Apartments Amalfi Positano Sorrento Tuscany"
  • X – "" – "" – "" – Source: X – ""
  • 12 Career Skills That Travel Will Improve – "If a career can be seen as something which you carve out for yourself as an individual, then travel is an activity that enhances your understanding of yourself and the world around you, honing skills which are indispensable not only in improving your work life or finding that perfect job, but also in improving all other aspects of your life. Talking about these skills and mentioning anecdotes from your travels during a job interview will surely set you apart from those who have never set foot outside their hometown." – August 28th, 2014 – By Mabel Lee – "About Us" – Source: Found in the Articles section on BootsnAll – "ONE-STOP INDIE TRAVEL GUIDE EST. 1998"
  • Italy Vacation Packages – "Tailor made vacations since 1984" – "Totally Customizable Multi-city Trips" – "About Us" – Source: Found in the Euope section on TripMasters – "is a second generation family travel business with over 180 employees based in Rockville MD."
  • OUTDOORS SKILLS NEEDED TO TRAVEL – "Most of us love outdoor pursuits such as hunting, fishing, camping, hiking and canoeing. Yet even though we consider ourselves “outdoor types,” few of  us possess the survival skills and knowledge to be considered a true woodsman. Could you, for example, gather and cook wild foods without modern accoutrements? Do you know how to improvise or repair tools in the backcountry? Would you be able to find your way back to a vehicle or camp without a GPS or map? If your life depended on it, could you start a fire with a single match? . . ." – "About Us" – Source: ITALIAOUTDOORS – "Travel Planning Guide to Italy for an Active Vacation bike, hike, climb"
    • SURVIVAL SKILLS FOR ACTIVE TRAVEL IN ITALY– "Someone depends on you and will seek your help in a time of crisis.  Someone needs you.  It may be your wife, your children, your parents, your friend or your siblings.  You may be the only one in your circle of influence who takes the initiative to learn some basic life saving survival skills.  If the time ever comes when you are tested, don’t fail them.  Learning survival skills isn’t just about you.  It’s about using those skills to help other people when the time comes.  Don’t wait until it’s too late.  Act now.  You have an obligation to protect and provide for those who need you."
  • TRAVELSKILLS – ". . . I hope we’ve been able to inform or enlighten you with key travel news or advice today. . ." – "About: TravelSkills founder Chris McGinnis" – Source: web site – "News & Tips for Your Trips" – "Deals | New Hotels | Travel Tips | Trip Reports | #TravekSkills Chat | Contact"
  • X – "" – "" – "" – Source: X – ""
  • Source: YouTubeIT – "Language: English • Country: Italy" 
      • Europe Travel Skills & Tips For a Beginner (Guide) – "Europe Travel Tips for Germany, Italy and Switzerland from a Canadian Rick Steves" – Published on Jan 1, 2015 – by: Rock Gamer
      • Italy Travel Skills – " In this Italy travel skills talk, you'll almost be able to smell the linguini and taste the vino rosso as Rick explores enchanting Italian cities and countryside. More Italy travel tips:" – Uploaded on Feb 7, 2011 – by: Rick Steves Europe
        • European Travel Skills: Avoiding Theft – "While Europe has little violent crime; it comes with plenty of petty purse snatching and pickpocketing. A great way to handle this problem is to zip up and secure your valuables in a moneybelt secured around your waist, under your clothes." – Published on Apr 5, 2013 
        • European Travel Skills: Finding Back Doors – "Europe's big cities are wonderful, but they're also very popular. Make a point to venture beyond the famous stops and the spiffed-up commercial zones. Explore." – Published on Apr 6, 2013  
      • Italy Travel Skills – "Join Heidi Van Sewell, Rick Steves' tour guide, as she shares tips and insights for traveling in Italy" – ""  – "About us" – Source: TRAVEL WEBSITE ONLINE – "Get The Best Price Hotels, Flights, Cruises, Rental Cars and more!"
      • X – "" – ""  – "" – Source: X – ""
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