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  • Italy in May – "Going strictly by the calendar, May is part of the spring season and would under normal circumstances be considered part of Italy’s shoulder season. Italy is quite good at dismissing normal circumstances, however, and unfortunately May is often thought of as the start of the high season in Italy these days." – April 3rd, 2009 – by Jessica [Spiegel]  – "About whyGo" – Source: Italy section of whyGo, Part of the BootsnAll Travel Network – "ONE-STOP INDIE TRAVEL GUIDE EST. 1998
  • Spring Travel in Italy – "Why Visit Italy in Spring" – Updated March 18, 2015 – By Martha Bakerjian, Italy Travel Expert – Source: Found in the Italy Travel section on
  • Traveling to Italy in May: What You Need to Know – "Once upon a time, the month of May was part of spring in Italy. The weather was usually good – so reliably good, in fact, that more people started flocking to Italy in May than they had in the past, which meant hoteliers and airlines started jacking up prices…And that brings us to the present, when May is firmly part of the high summer tourist season, no matter what season it’s technically in. This isn’t to say that going to Italy in May is a bad idea – far from it. There’s a reason May caught on. It’s warm, but it’s not usually too warm. It’s crowded, but it’s often not too crowded. It might just be the month equivalent of Goldilocks finding Baby Bear’s porridge. There are some drawbacks to a May trip, though, and some things to keep in mind as you plan your vacation.If you’re traveling to Italy in May, here’s what you need to know about weather and holidays." – blogger: Jessica Spiegal – Source: Italy Explained – "TRAVEL GUIDE | STORE | BLOG | ABOUT | MAIL
  • X – "" – ""  – "" – Source: X – ""
  • Events in Italy in May – "Filter by Month" – "About Us" – Source: 10 times – "Discover events & connect with visitors" – "238,198 trade shows & conferences across the globe" 
  • Italy Festivals and Events May 2016 – "From a fixed menu, you can select, Festival Types: and Month:" – "About Us" – Source: FindFestival – "USA | Europe | United Kingdom | Australia | Canada"
  • May Festivals in Italy – "Italian Celebrations, Holidays, and Events in May" – "May in Italy is a good time to find spring festivals. You'll find flower festivals, food and wine festivals, medieval reenactments, and events celebrating rituals of spring. Although you'll probably come across other local festivals, here are some of the highlights." – By Martha Bakerjian, Italy Travel Expert – Source: Found in the Italy Travel section on 
  • Upcoming Holidays and Festivals in Italy – "Beware: Festival dates are often not posted on websites until just before the event (or may even be posted incorrectly, especially in Italy). Verify the correct festival dates before planning a trip around a specific festival. For more information about these and other events, visit the official tourism site for Italy." – "This list includes major festivals in major cities, plus national holidays observed throughout Italy. Many sights and banks close down on national holidays — keep it in mind when planning your itinerary. Note that this isn't a complete list; holidays can strike without warning."  – "About Rick" – Source: Rick Steves' EUROPE – "THROUGH THE BACK DOOR" – "Rick Steves' Europe Tours, Trip Planning, Travel Guides and Information"
    • L'Italo-Americano – "is a weekly publication serving the Italian-American community throughout the United States. Established in 1908, L'Italo-Americano is the oldest Italian-American newspaper in the US with a mission to promote and preserve Italian culture and heritage by reporting in both Italian and English on subjects such as arts and culture, literature, education, history, business, sciences, sports, lifestyle to name a few." – "ABOUT US" – Source: web site – "The #1 source for all things Italian since 1908"
    • Martha's Italy – ". . .On this site we’ll share our Italian travels and recommendations, not only in the popular places like Rome and Tuscany but also in the special hidden places we enjoy and that the typical tourist might overlook. Martha has traveled to all of Italy’s 20 regions and is passionate about sharing her vast travel experiences with others." – blogger: Martha Bakerjian – Source: web site – " About | Articles | Newsletter"
      • When to Travel – "QUICK ANSWERS…. | THE TRAVEL SEASONS IN EUROPE | PRICING VERSUS WEATHER & CROWDS ~ ITALY | " – "About Us" – Source: Italy Source – "Independent Travel to Italy & Europe" – "How It Works | Travel Tips | All Packages | Applause"
      • X – "" – ""  – "" – Source: X – ""
      • Best Italy May 2016 Tours – "250+ May 2016 trips through Italy" – "About us" – Source: tourradar™ – "booking tours made easy" 
      • Garden Tours in Italy – "Many people think Italy has the best gardens in the world. They are wonderfully designed but not notable for their flowers. The most popular area for garden visiting is the western coastal region extending from Florence through Rome to Naples, though Northern Italy also has good gardens (eg Isola Bella). The areas and periods of particular interest are:" – ""  – "" – Source: – "The Garden Landscape Guide" – "Gardenvisit's recommended tours from around the world"
      • Italy Tours All-inclusive Italy Vacations – "Italy tours with air, Italy tour packages, Italy vacation packages, Italy cruises call today 800-227-1577" – ""  – "About Us" – Source: – "The hassle-free and affordable way to plan a vacation to Italy is with these all-inclusive escorted Italy tours. takes care of all the Italy vacation details for you. Escorted tours to Italy include 4-star and 5-star accommodations, meals, transportation between cities, museum entrances with skip the line tickets, and expert Italy tour guides. packages the best deals on flights to Italy with the tours. Just pack your bags and show up. All-inclusive escorted vacations to Italy are stress free, educational, full of authentic experiences, and fun. Click the links below to browse the Italy tour packages."
      • X – "" – ""  – "" – Source: X – ""
      • Average Temperatures for Italy in May  – "Average temperatures for May at cities and vacation spots all over Italy are listed below in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit." – by Liz Osborn – "About" – Source: Current Results – "weather and science facts"
      • Italy in May  – "Italy's weather in May" – "The month of May marks the beginning of the high season in Italy for good reasons, the weather being certainly one of them. Climate is quite reliable and pleasant in May and it is not yet uncomfortably hot. Moreover, there are dozens of festivals, feasts and events taking place in May in Italy, all of them a true delight to witness." – "Those who are willing to shell out a little more money, or can hike up their travel budget, should definitely consider visiting Italy in May to experience its many festivals. Everything in Italy is more costly, from airfares to hotels, so it is better to be prepared to spend a bit more if you decide to come this time of the year. Of course, it is superfluous to say, it is worth every penny. As we said, May is already considered high season and tourist spots and cities may be pretty crowded: keep this in mind if you are looking for a peaceful vacation, and choose smaller villages and towns." – Sun, 04/26/2015 - 00:00 – Submitted by ancos – Source: – "is a website that covers multiple aspects of Italian contemporary life and tourism." – "News | Travel | Food & Wines | Culture | Lifestyle | Fashion | Moving to Italy | Learn Italian | Home & Garden | Places
      • Weather in Italy in May 2016  – "Check the weather in Italy in May before you book your next holiday. Long-term weather averages give the best indication of the weather in May 2016 and include figures for temperature, sunshine and rainfall for Italy. The May weather guide for Italy shown below is for Rome." – "About us" – Source: – "travel deals for your holiday in the sun"
      • X  – "" – ""  – "" – Source: X – ""
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