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Info about things worth splurging on when traveling in Italy and beyond


Here are some links about things worth splurging on when traveling in Italy and beyond:

  • 4 travel items that are worth splurging on – ". . .While it would be nice for every overseas trip to be a lavish experience of five-star hotels, gourmet meals and helicopter rides, such a lifestyle is typically out of reach for many of us. Thankfully, there’s a lot to be said for travelling on a shoestring budget. Eating street food, taking public transport and sleeping in cosy guest houses give you the unique opportunity to experience life like a local without putting too much stress on your personal bank account.  However, even seasoned backpackers recognise there are some things that are worth splurging on. Here are four travel items you should always pay top dollar for:" – March 17, 2016 – By – "About Us" – Source: Found in the blog@boq section on BOQ – "IT'S POSSIBLE TO LOVE A BANK"
  • 6 Things Worth Splurging on When Traveling in Italy – "When I give travel advice, the vast majority of the time it’s geared toward budget-friendly travel. I don’t have a trust fund, I assume you don’t, and yet that isn’t going to stop us from enjoying a trip to Italy now and then. And while we’d all love the luxury experience, most of us don’t want to get stuck with the bill. Italy isn’t an inexpensive country to visit, especially when compared with some destinations in Southeast Asia or even Eastern Europe. When you go, then, you want to make sure every euro is being spent wisely. I’m all for that – I want those spare euro for gelato, after all – but I also believe that there are some splurges that are totally worth it in Italy. This is my totally-not-comprehensive and entirely-subjective list of what’s worth the splurge in Italy. Your mileage may vary."  – blogger: Jessica Spiegal – Source: Italy Explained – "TRAVEL GUIDE | STORE | BLOG | ABOUT | MAIL"
  • Travel Investments That Are Worth the Splurge – "A big difference between someone who is cheap and some who is frugal is a willingness to spend on quality. Since I'm a pretty much a professional traveller, I've found that there are a few items that are worth splurging on that can actually save you money in the long run.  I've ranked them for you below on a splurge pain scale of 1 to 10, 1 being a minor irritation and 10 being a wallet-buster that really requires you to take a leap of faith but is actually worth it. These choices are subjective, of course, but they're based on my life experiences and observations. I hope that you can benefit from what I've learned along the way." – February 18, 2015 10:52 AM –– Source: Found in the YAHOO! FINANCE section on YAHOO! – "search engine"
  • What to Splurge on in Europe – "" – blogger: Brooke Saward – "About" – Source: World of Wanderlust – ". . .On this blog I share travel tips, lifestyle tips & motivation, DIY projects, recipes and a little from my life back at home."
  • When to Splurge in Europe – "I’ve always been a fan of budget travel tips. For more than 30 years I’ve written and lectured about ways to stow-away, picnic, and get special deals to be able to afford international travel. My feeling has long been that “you experience more by spending less.” While that’s still true, over the years I’ve realized that you can also justify splurges as good values when you consider the experience gained and the time saved. . ." – "" – By Rick Steves – "About Us" – Source: Rick Steves' Europe – "Tours, Travel Guides, Tips & Video"
  • X – "" – "" – "" – Source: X – ""
  • 5 things I wish I knew before going to Italy – "Despite the language hurdle most travellers face in Italy, it's still an incredibly easy and comfortable country to visit, even if you've never been outside your home country before. Still, there are a few things that it's handy to know before you step out of the airport." – "" – "About Us" – Source: World Nomads – "Travel Insurance | Travel Smart | Scholarships | Community | Change Lives | Help Desk | Sgn In "
  • The Six Things WORTH Spending Extra Money On When Travelling – "To help you with this process, I have taken the liberty to share with you the top six things that Tony and I don’t mind spending some extra cash on when we travel:" – by Meg – "About LandingStanding" – Source: LandingStanding – "ONE WIFE – ONE HUSBAND – ONE GRAND ADVENTURE"
  • 7 Travel Gear Worth Splurging On – "Some travel items you can splurge on, some you can skimp on. (We learned this the hard way after having one too many cheap suitcases fall part on us.) Here are our picks for the essential travel products that are worth spending a little bit more on." – May 27, 2015 – Caroline Morse – "About Us" – Source: SMARTERTRAVEL – "The Best Trips Start Here"
  • 8 reasons to trade up on trains – ". . .Here are eight reasons why trading up on trains with multiple classes of service can make sense:" – Updated 4:31 PM ET, Wed March 13, 2013 – By Maureen Jenkins, Special to CNN – "About us" – Source: Found in the Travel section on CNN U.S. Edition – "Breaking News, Latest News and Videos"
  • 10 Things Worth Knowing Before Traveling to Europe – "Traveling to Europe is on everyone's bucket list, isn't it? But if you are in the process of planning your maiden trip to Europe, this is definitely a must-read." – Last Updated: March 2, 2016 – by: Renuka Savant – "About Buzzle" – Source: BUZZLE™ – "is the place to be when clueless, curious, confused, or just plain bored."
  • 11 Travel Tips Italians Want You To Know – "Over 46 million tourists visit the boot-shaped peninsula each year! They come from all over the world, and many return again and again for a magic that only Italy can deliver.  As Samuel Johnson said, “A man who has not been in Italy, is always conscious of an inferiority, from his not having seen what it is expected a man should see.”  Italians are very kind, and extremely patient (unless they’re driving). They are the guardians of some of history’s most magnificent treasures, and they are used to sharing them. However, there are a few things Italians want Americans to know before you arrive in their country" – "04/09/2014 03:25 pm ET | Updated Jun 09, 2014" – by Lisa Condie, Owner of Find Yourself In Tuscany – "About Us" – Source: The HUFFINGTON POST – " Inform • Inspire • Entertain • Empower" – Edition: U.S.
  • 40 Tips for Visiting Italy"I’ve spent a lot of time in Italy.  I studied abroad in Florence, traveled up and down the peninsula, and seem to keep returning.  In that time, I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge about what to do and not to do in Italy.  Here are my best tips for having a great time in Italy!" – THURSDAY, AUGUST 18, 2011 AT 11:43 AM – blogger: Kate McCulley – "About" – Source: Adventurous Kate's – "solo female travel blog"
  • Travel Splurges Worth Making – "I’m just going to go ahead and admit something you probably already know about me: I suck at budgeting. I’m not great at math, I’m terrible at organization and worst of all I just have no willpower to stay in some sort of arbitrary daily constraint on how much I can spend.  I still travel very far for very little, but I’ll never be the sleep on the beach, eat canned tuna for a week kind of traveler. There are just some things I am never able to resist spending money on when traveling. This doesn’t mean that I’m the private jet charter, penthouse suite kind of traveler either, but there are some small splurges that just make all the difference to me when traveling." – February 3, 2013 – By – "About"  – Source: TWENTY-something TRAVEL – "WHY WAIT TO SEE THE WORLD?"
  • X – "" – "" – "" – Source: X – ""
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