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Info on travel guides and tourist / travel information for Sicilia AKA Sicily, Italy


Here are some links on travel guides and tourist / travel information for Sicilia AKA Sicily, Italy:


  • Best of Sicily – "A guide to Sicilian travel ... and all things Sicilian." – "" – Source: web site – "Sicily Travel Gide - Best of Sicily Tours, Vacations, Hotels, Dining, Tourism, Culture, Books. Tablet-friendly for iPad and other devices." 
  • Palermo  – ".Here's our list of private guides in Palermo, Italy. Viator only promotes tour guides with a professional license or tour guiding certificate, ensuring you have the best possible tour experience in Palermo. Depend on Viator's local experts to craft the perfect private tour, custom tour or shore excursion." – "About Us" – Source: Viator Private Tour Guides – "expert tour guides"
  • SICILY – "Browse our collection of features on Sicily" – "" – Source: Found within the Destinations section of Condé Nast Traveller  – "Luxury Travel Magazine | Travel Guides"
    • The Best of Sicily – "For our insider's guide to the Italian island, Horatio Clare provides eight great reasons to visit, from the perfect beach to a spectacular helicopter flight over fiery Mount Etna." – Published 18 February 2013 – by Horatio Clare
    • Insider's guide to Sicily – "Captivated by Sicily's mix of rich history, culture and world-class gastronomy, Huw and Rossella Beaugié explored every corner of the island. In 2002 they set up Think Sicily, an exclusive collection of luxury villas, and started to share their knowledge with other travellers. Their expertise and devotion has won Think Sicily a place in the top ten villa rental companies at the Readers' Travel Awards in 2007, 2009 and 2010. We asked them to share their wisdom with us..." – Published 17 February 2011 – Words by Hazel Lubbock
    • The New Sicily – Published 13 October 2010 – by Lee Marshall
    • Top Secret Sicily – "Everyone says that Sicily is not just like a country, but a continent all of its own. Stay at the best of its B&Bs and they'll act as portals to open up its dramatic, uncharted brilliance."' – Published 05 June 2013 – by Laura Fowler
  • Sicily travel guide – "An insider's guide to Sicily, featuring the island's best hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, attractions and things to do, including how to travel there and around. . ." – By Lee Marshall, Telegraph Travel's Sicily expert. – Source: Found in the TRAVEL section – "PLAN WITH THE EXPERTS • BOOK WITH CONFIDENCE" – of The Telegraph – "Telegraph online, Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph"
  • X – "" – "" – Source: X – ""
    • Sicily – "also known as Dominion of Sicily, Mafia Island, Federated Italian State of Sicily, Free Federal State of Sticchio, Minchialand and home to the the Blacks of Europe, belongs to the independent republic of Italy, which is supposed having been seceded from Europe on 1491, just one year before Christopher Columbus discovered America. Having it been one year later, maybe Columbus would have been discovered Sicily and history would have been completely different, with United States of Italy at USA's place." – Source: Uncyclopedia – "the content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit." – In multiple languages
    • Weekend Getaways: 5 Sicilian destinations for all tastes – "From the Valley of Temples in Agrigento to the Baroque charm of Ragusa, Sicily has plenty of wonderful cities rich in history and art just waiting for you to visit. Here are 5 amazing Sicilian tours perfectly packaged for 48-hour weekends." –  Date posted: May 8, 2015 – by Claudia Baroncelli, Swide's Junior Editor. – Source: Swide – "The Dolce & Gabbaha Luxury Magazine Online"
    • Italy Travel Planner – "Easily create an itinerary based on your personal preferences: Which destinations to visit? For how long? What to do there?" – "" – Source: RoutePerfect – "Explore Europe YOUR way!" – "Plan your perfect trip to Europe!"
    • X – "" – "" – Source: X – ""
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Today is my daughter's birthday. My wife and I wish her a very Happy and memorable one where she is living in Mexico.

Ciao, Ben

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Today’s quote is a Sicilian (dialect) proverb / saying, author unknown.

"Bòn tièmpu e màlu tièmpu nun nùra tutu u tièmpu."
"Neither good nor bad weather lasts forever."

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