Friday, December 07, 2007

Info About AngloInfo for Italy

Here are some links for AngloINFO Italy:
AngloINFO "currently has four websites in Italy, serving Rome, Milan, Tuscany and Liguria, with more in the pipeline."

"Italy is a country of contrasts: the urban excitement of Rome, Milan and Naples, the rolling beauty of Tuscany and the craggy Amalfi coast. With so many different places to choose from, it attracts foreign residents for all sorts of reasons - from business-people building an international career to retirees choosing the languid pace of an Italian rural life."

"Whatever your reason for choosing Italy as your home, AngloINFO's world-class English-language information and interaction can provide you with the tools you need to smooth your move and enhance your life in Italy."

I have found AngloINFO to be an excellent resource for compiling and researching information for my various blog entries and postings on information about Rome, Milan, Tuscany and Liguria and about Italy. It is not perfect and depends on the interaction of its readers, supporters and various businesses for input, content and feedback. I believe they are trying to the best of their ability to bring accurate and timely information to its regional audiences and readers wherever they are located.

Since moving to Monte San Savino (AR) in the region of Toscana, I have made use of AngloINFO Tuscany – "Life in Tuscany, in English!" for finding out information about various events in the region, trying to find a place to repair my Yamaha stereo receiver and read the Forum to see what people are saying. I do make use of this resource.

The above links are current. If anyone has any suggestions for other sites, please feel free to post your comment and I'll update this blog entry. For your specific interest, please search the web for further information using Google .

Please note: I do NOT represent or endorse any of these links nor do I receive payment for listing them in my blog.

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Today’s quote is a Italian proverb, author unknown.

"Il vino e il latte dei vecchi."

"Wine is old men's milk."

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