Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Info about Emergency Telephone Numbers in Italy


Here are the links for Emergency Telephone Numbers in Italy:

EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS FOR ITALYThe above links are current. If anyone has any suggestions for other sites, please feel free to post your comment and I'll update this blog entry. For your specific interest, please search the web for further information using Google .

While traveling in Italy, it is critical to your well being and safety to know the emergency telephone numbers for the area your are traveling in or the area you are visiting. Fortunately, in Italy there are several emergency telephone numbers that can be dialed from any pay phone or from a cell/mobile phone with a GSM SIM card from a local cellular network provider, e.g., TIM, Vodafone, Wind, etc. Please note: While I have provided the English version of these respective cellular network provider's web sites, the Italian version contains more information. Always remember what Dorothy said in the Wizard of OZ, "... we're not in Kansas anymore..."!

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Today’s quote is a Italian saying, author unknown.

"Il troppo stroppia."
"Too much breaks the bag."


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