Friday, June 09, 2006

Info for U. S. Military Retirees Planning to Live in Italy

(LAST EDITED/UPDATED: 24 February 2008)

Here are the links for U. S. Military Retirees Planning to Live in Italy:

  • Italy – Select from list of cities/towns in Italy – "Weatherbase is your one authoritative source for finding monthly weather records and averages for more than 16,439 cities worldwide." – From Weatherbase
  • – home to maps of Italy, current Italian weather conditions, and six day weather forecasts for every Italian region and province
  • The Weather Reporter: Italy – As a supplement to our weather forecast page we have selected a collection of links to those webcams that make it possible to see the weather as it is right now throughout Italy– From Italy in a Flash
The above links are current. In the event of a broken link or if anyone has any suggestions for other sites, please feel free to post your comment and I'll update and/or correct this blog entry.

Please note: I do NOT represent or endorse any of these links nor do I receive payment for listing them in my blog.

This is just a sampling of what is available for an U.S. military individual (Air Force (USAF), Army (USA), Coast Guard (USCG), Marine Corp (USMC) or Navy (USN)) planning on retiring to Italy. For your specific interest, please use Google to search the web for further information.

That's it for Friday, 9 June 2006: venerdì, 9 giugno 2006.

Ciao, Ben

Today’s quote is an Italian proverb, author unknown.

"A ciascuno il suo."

"To each his own."

(LAST EDITED/UPDATED: 24 February 2008)

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