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Info about smartphones and tablets "apps" AKA "applications" when traveling to Italy and beyond


Here are some links about smartphone and tablets "apps" AKA "applications" when traveling to Italy and beyond:

    • Italy360 – ". . .  app shows hundred of places around Italy in 360° panorama format. You can visit hundreds of sites browsing by regions, cities and categories in high definition full screen. The app is constantly updated and always offers new images." – Languages: English, Italian – by Seller: By Panoramas s.r.o. © Panoramas s.r.o. – Source: iTunes Preview: App Store – "Apple devices including but not limited to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch"
    • Italy Travelpedia – "" – Languages: English, Chinese – Seller: Shang hai Fly Software Technology Co.,Ltd © 2012 Parkour Lab – Source: iTunes Preview: App Store
    • X – "" – Source: X – ""
    • Bravo Italy Gourmet – "A healthy diet is the secret of well-being in our everyday life.Would you like to find out where your beloved Italian products are produced and which given region they come from? Bravo Italy Gourmet makes it easy for everyone to discover the finest products of the Italian food culture. BIG offers the widest selection of producers of the most diverse and renowned specialties of the Italian cuisine. BIG Food allows everyone to find producers of gourmet Italian food on mobile devices and tablets. Whether you are a tourist or just a fan of Italian cuisine, Bravo Italy Gourmet will become your guide in the journey towards food pleasures from Italy." – Source: Google play: apps – "Android devices"
    • Italy Travel Guide With Me – ". . . is an offline travel guide, which recommends detailed articles around the country in relation to your current location. Developed by travelers and for travelers, Guide With Me is a great source of general travel info as well as off the beaten track advice.Get around guides, phrase lists, warnings how to stay safe and healthy, restaurants and hotel recommendations, local costs and taxes, road rules and a variety of other info are carefully stored in one app. Essentially complete articles with multiple hotel and restaurant listings are suggested for Capri, Venice and other travel destinations." – Source: Google play: apps – "Android devices"
    • X – "" – Source: X – ""
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"La via del vizio conduce al precipizio."
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