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Info about gardens in Italy


Here are some links about gardens in Italy:


  • Gardens in Italy – "(Botanical Gardens and Ornamental Parks in Italy)" – "List of the botanical gardens and ornamental parks in Italy, per region." – Source: – "Italy Bit by Bite"
  • Gardens in Italy – Source: – "The Garden and Landscape Guide"
  • Take a Stroll Down the Garden Path – ". . . Here's another idea to consider: the glorious Italian gardens that have been so carefully recreated by landscape artists all over the world. Many of the originals are open to the public, and they offer fantastic places to slow down, regain some of your waning strength, even have a picnic lunch if you plan ahead (just be sure not to litter!). The most famous gardens are those in the Lakes District, the Medici villas outside Florence and the papal villas just outside Rome. . ." – Source: In Italy™ Online – "Expert trip planning for your vacation in Italy, Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice, Tuscany, Cinque Terre, Amalfi Coast, Positano, Sorrento and throughout Italy"
  • X – "" – Source: X – ""
  • Enchanting Gardens in Italy – Janice Therese Mancuso – Source: La Gazzetta Italiana – "began publication in May of 1992 to meet the growing demand by the Italian American community in the Greater Cleveland area for an Italian American newspaper. The publication's primary objectives at that time were to not only recognize our proud Italian heritage, traditions and culture but also to disseminate recent news, upcoming social events and local achievements." –  "About Us"
  • Gardens of Tuscany – "Formal Tuscan gardens of the villas of Tuscany" – ". . . Gardens of the late Renaissance and Baroque periods became more elaborate symbols of power, adorned with rare plants, sculpture and water works. Uniting natural and artificial beauty, they were designed to recreate Paradise on Earth, an achievable Utopia, an accessible Arcadia. . . ." – by Anna Maria Baldini – Source: web site – "" – In English, German, Italian
  • Grandi Giardini Italiani (Great Italian Gardens) – "is a network of around 80 gardens open to the public in 13 Italian regions, with the addition of Malta and the Ticino Canton in a network of around 80 gardens open to the public in 13 Italian regions, with the addition of Malta and the Ticino Canton in Switzerland." – Source: web site – "About us"
  • List of botanical gardens in Italy – "This list of botanical gardens in Italy is intended to include all significant botanical gardens and arboretums in Italy." – Source: Wikipedia – "The Free Encyclopedia" – In multiple languages
  • X – "" – Source: X – ""
    • Florence Parks and Gardens Tour – ". . . The gardens architecture was considered an art and provided geometric flowerbeds and surrounded by a wall to allow an inner private space. The first to acknowledge and to carry out this new ideas was Medici family who committed Michcelozzo to restore and rebuilt the Cafaggiolo Villa and the Careggi Villa. Lorenzo de’ Medici committed to Giuliano da Sangallo the restyling of the villa in Poggio a Caiano. In these gardens were conceived many of the most important poems and art works of this period. In the last years of the 15th century there were 138 gardens in Florence." – Source: – "florentine point of view"
    • GARDENS OF ITALY – "15 September– 4 October 2013" – Source: ROSS GARDEN TOURS – "Let us take you to the most beautiful places in the world." – "ABOUT"
    • Gardens of the Northern Italian Lakes – "June 11-21, 2013" – Source: The American Horticultural Society (AHS) – "Improving Life Through Plants and Gardening" 
    • Garden Tours – "The Americas | Europe | Asia | Africa | Australasia" – Source: – "The Garden and Landscape Guide"
    • X – "" – Source: X – ""
    • X – "" – Source: X – "" 
    • Monty Don's Italian Gardens – "Gardening expert Monty Don journeys from the south of Italy to the north, visiting some of the country's most beautiful, impressive and interesting gardens along the way. From lovingly created romantic hiding places to enormous formal gardens of the Catholic Church, this four-part series is bursting with great characters, compelling stories and captivating insights." – Source: tvo – "Makes you think" – "Ontario's Public Educational Media" – "About TVO"
    • X – "" – Source: X – ""
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