Thursday, February 02, 2006

Info about the Post Office (Ufficio Postale)/Posteitaliane in Italy

Here are the links about the Post Office (UFFICIO POSTALE)/Posteitaliane in Italy:

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The Italian Post Office (Posteitaliane) has two main functions: postal and financial.

It should be noted that under the postal function, parcel delivery may be handle by either the Posteitaliane or SDA (express business courier service from the Poste Italiane Group, to send documents and parcels anywhere in Italy) depending on the size and weight of the parcel.

You can buy stamps at either a tobacconist's stand/store (tabbachi/tabaccheria) or at the post office.

One can even pay bills and/or user fees using the conto corrente postale (giro credit/money order) payment slip that is available at the Italian post office (Posteitaliane). You can read more about the conto corrente procedure in Post office in Rome, Italy under the MISCELLANEOUS section listed above.

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