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  • The Glorious Twelfth – "The glorious twelfth is a term used usually to refer to the 12th of April, the start of the hunting season in Italy for the common mosquito (Bitius Leggius) and to a lesser extent the tiger mosquito (aggressive-bitius)." – Posted on – blogger: Peter Grey – ""  – Source: Englishman in Italy – "An Englishman, his Sicilian wife and an Italian / English Dictionary"
  • How to Avoid Mosquitoes – the Bane of Italy’s Summers – "Here’s how you can avoid mosquitoes when you are in Italy. But first, a little story about my own, itchy, mosquito issues. A couple of weekends back I went to two outdoor music concerts here in Milan, Italy, but I carelessly forgot to cover myself in a layer of mosquito repellent.  Big mistake, and I paid the price. I was feasted upon by lots of hungry little blood suckers, otherwise known as mosquitoes. They really are the bane of Italy’s otherwise lovely summers. It took around a week for all the irritating itching to die down. Last weekend, I went cycling around Milan to visit a park I had never seen before and to have a look around the lovely Villa Necchi. Remembering my itchy concert experience, before I set off, I covered myself with a good layer of mosquito repellent. I’m happy to report, the repellent kept the nasty little bloodsuckers away. The moral of this little tale is if you are coming to Italy this summer and want to avoid mosquitoes, bring some mosquito repellent. If you don’t, the annoying itching may well have an adverse effect on your otherwise positive Italy vacation experience" – July 16, 2012 – by  – "About" – Source: ITALY chronicles – "The Italy You Don't Know" – "all about the Italy you don't know - news, politics, views, analysis, travel, food and more. Discover sides of Italy others don't always write about in English."
  • Mosquitoes, Malaria and Bella Italy! – "In preparation for my upcoming holiday to south Italy I was browsing through the history section in my guide book to Puglia and discovered some fascinating facts about how mosquitoes had devastated entire communities. . ." – 08/9/2011 | 5:03 – by Brigitta – "About Ehrlich" – Source: Posted in  Debugged - the lighter side of pest control blog section on Ehrlich – "We are the local experts"
  • X – "" – "" – "" – Source: X – ""
  • Fears as fetus-deforming Zika virus found in Italy – "Four cases of a tropical virus which is thought to deform unborn fetuses have been recorded in Italy." – Published: 26 Jan 2016 08:00 GMT+01:00 – "About Us" – Source: THE – "Italy's news in English" – "Change edition: Austria | Denmark | France | Germany | Norway | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland"
  • Revealed, the areas of Europe where Zika is mosxt likely to strike this summer – and its bad news if you’re going to Spain, Italy or Greece – "New maps reveal the areas of Europe most likely to be hit by Zika this summer. Southern Europe will become a 'fertile ground' for the virus because warmer temperatures increasing the rate at which the disease-carrying mosquitoes reproduce and bite, researchers said. And the warmer weather brings with it an influx of people travelling to the region from areas of the America affected by Zika, further raising the risk of it spreading, experts said Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and the part of Russia around Krasnodar are the areas where the virus is most likely to spread between the end of June and August, the maps show. And the estimated growth rate of a potential Zika epidemic is still high in areas of France, Germany, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia and Serbia - although the risk is slightly lower, researchers warn." – PUBLISHED: 16:40 GMT, 10 June 2016 | UPDATED: 01:25 GMT, 11 June 2016 – By MADLEN DAVIES FOR MAILONLINE – "Our Papers" – Source:  MailOnline AKA DailyMail – ""
    • 7 Ways to Prevent the Zika Virus – ". . .The most common way to prevent the virus is to not get bitten by a mosquito that carries the Zika virus. In this article, we will give you crucial tips to prevent getting bit by mosquitos. This can range from changing what you wear to being mindful of where you travel. Luckily, mosquitos with the virus aren’t everywhere. If you live in an area with these mosquitos, you’ll have to exercise more caution." – 8-15-20166 – "About Us" – Source: Daily Health Lifestyles – ". . . The information on this website includes tips, news and notes to help you make informed lifestyle decisions. . ."
    • Europe Warned 'Prepare Now' For Zika Virus – "Europe must take action in case mosquitoes are able to survive and spread the virus as temperatures warm up." – 11:57, UK, Wednesday 03 February 2016 – "About Us" – Source: Sky News – "The Latest News from the UK and Around the World"
    • Zika outbreak: The mosquito menace – "The mosquito, Aedes aegypti, is causing widespread fear in Brazil where it is spreading the Zika virus that has been linked to thousands of babies being born with birth defects. So what do we know about it?" – 29 January 2016 – – "About the BBC"  – Source: Found in the Health section on the BBC NEWS part of BBC – ""
  • X – "" – "" – "" – Source: X – ""
    • ITALY ANSWERS – "multiple posts about mosquitoes" – "" – "" – Source: X – ""
    • Italian Mosquitos – "multiple posts about mosquitoes" – "Welcome to the Rick Steves Travel Forum for Europe and beyond! Join our lively community of travelers who exchange advice, tips and experiences. Feel free to browse — or sign in to post questions and answers. See the latest in our All Topics view.  New to the forum? Get started!" – "About Rick" – Source: Found in the Travel Forum section on Rick Steves' EUROPE – ""
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