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Info on travel guides and tourist / travel information for the Marche region of Italy


Here are some links on travel guides and tourist / travel information for the Marche region of  Italy:


  • #destinationmarche – "" – Source: web site – "THE MARCHE REGION WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU ALONE" – In English, Italian
    • Accommodation  – "Find your accomodation" – "Download a Brochure!"
    • Useful Information – "You can reach the Marche from abroad by air, rail, car, ferry. Once in the Marche you can get around by rail ( visit the official web site of Italian State Railways : ), by car ( it’s the easiest way of discovering the Marche), by taxi ( you can normally find them in ranks by the station or by the main square; for long journeys in country areas agree the price beforehand), by bus ( for timetables and routes please visit: [Please note - As of this date: "SITO IN MANUTENZIONE" / SITE UNDER MAINTENANCE])" – "Download a Guide!"
    • Guided Tours – "For visitors eager to discover the beauty of the Marche, a multi-faceted region, guided tour services are available throughout the region providing experienced guides who are fully qualified under Regional Law No 4/96, a guide service in museums and exhibition areas, support and assistance to groups, hostessing at trade shows, conferences and cultural events, advice and assistance to tour operators and individual guides, production of standard and theme routes for groups, schools and individual travellers." – "Download a Brochure!"
    • Major Events – "Download all the scheduled events for 2015"
    • Visiting Marche – " Overlooking the Adriatic Sea in the centre of Italy, with slightly more than a million and a half inhabitants spread among its five provinces of Ancona, the regional seat, Pesaro and Urbino, Macerata, Fermo and Ascoli Piceno, with just one in four of its municipalities containing more than five thousand residents, the Marche, which has always been Italy’s “Gateway to the East”, is the country’s only region with a plural name. Featuring the mountains of the Apennine chain, which gently slope towards the sea along parallel valleys, the region is set apart by its rare beauty and noteworthy figures such as Giacomo Leopardi, Raphael, Giovan Battista Pergolesi, Gioachino Rossini, Gaspare Spontini, Father Matteo Ricci and Frederick II, all of whom were born here." – "Download a Brochure!"
    • Special Offers
    • Holiday Packages – "Download a Brochure!
  • Italy's Le Marche | The Other Side of Italy – "Far from Capri's crush and Tuscany's throngs lie the untrammeled Adriatic beaches and pristine hill towns of Le Marche. Gini Alhadeff takes in venerable renaissance treasures—and some really superb fritto." – June 15, 2009 –  By Gini Alhadeff – Source: TRAVEL+LEISURE – "Travel Guides and Travel Information" 
    • 40 Reasons to Travel Now – "We’ll go ahead and say it: there’s never been a better time to travel. The dollar is stronger, the flights are easier, the concept of luxury is actually within reach, and there are surprises at every turn, whether it’s airport food from Michelin-starred restaurant brands or cities such as Brisbane, Sarajevo, and Oslo achieving the can’t-miss status of their peers. The only question is: where to first?"
    • Travel Tips + Intel – "Essential advice for traveling better: airline news, deals and discounts, and all the gear and gadgets one carry-on can handle" 
  • Marche Map and Travel Information – "Map Showing the Best of the Marche Region of Italy" – By Martha Bakerjian, Our Italy Travel Expert – Source: Found in the Italy Travel section of – "Our Story"
  • X – "" – "" – Source: X – "" 
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