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Info about historic cafes / caffés in Italy


Here are some links about some of the historic cafes / caffés in Italy:

      • The Cafés of Trieste – "The first Coffee shops were opened in Trieste during the second half of the eighteenth century, probably following the example of many fashionable places in Venice , but they immediately took on an unmistakable Viennese connotation in their interior decorations and in the services they offered; in 1768 in contrada Bottari (now via San Nicolò), Benedetto Capano was granted the exclusive sale of "hot and cold waters, tea, coffee, chocolate, lemonades, sherbets and syrup water"." – "Who We Are" – Source: – In English, German, Italian
      • Five Best Historic Caffès in Trieste – Wednesday, November 23, 2011 - 17:05 – Sharon Rogers – Source: italy magazine – "Everything Italy. Authentically Italian."
    • LAZIO
      • THE HISTORICAL CAFES OF ROME – "An interesting and entertaining overview of antique coffee shops and old dairies transformed into elegant and refined cafes, lounges or simple meeting places for the intelligentsia Italian and foreign." – Source: ROMA SOCIAL GUIDE – "You'll find several itineraries, point of interest, museum, parks, cafès, shops, pubs e clubs" – In English, Italian
      • Rome's Historic Cafes  – "Rome’s historic center is chock-a-block full of age-old cafes, each recounting a piece of the story of  the Eternal City." – "About" – Source: Found in the Travel Ideas section of ITALIA – "the official website for tourism in Italy, sponsored by the Italian Government." – In English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
      • CAFES IN MILAN – "Milan cafes broadly fall into three categories - anonymous salt-of-the-earth espresso bars, grand old pasticcerie (pastisseries) and a new breed of innovative cafes whose specialties range from chocolate to furniture." – "About" – Source: Hg2 Milan – "Design, fine food and awe-inspiring architecture converge in the Italian capital of fashion."
      • Historic Cafés in Milan: 5 bars to get into History – 19 FEB 2013 – "" – Source: That's Milan! – "Travel guides, ideas, and interesting facts about Milan"
      • Pleasures of Piedmont: historic cafés – "Once coteries of culture, now monuments to the past, our historic cafés were the setting for a marvellous fusion of splendid architecture and antiques, gourmet treats, art, literature, satire, and even politics and conspiracies." – Beppe Fossati , Director, Torino Cronaca – Source: X – ""
      • Turin’s [AKA Torino] Café Culture – "Turin has an amazing cafe culture, unlike any other city of Italy. As we walked around the city, these beautiful, historical cafes tempted us to stop and and imagine we were from a different era, one where intellectuals, philosophers, poets and artists would meet and spend time discussing the important issues of the day." – December 9, 2011 – "About Jenny" – Source: A TASTE OF TRAVEL – "A Journey of Food and Food"
      • Turin’s historic cafés: where insurrection rhymes with literature and chocolate – February 8, 2012 – "About"  – Source: Slow Italy – ". . . stands for a way of traveling that promotes savoring the moment and not getting stressed about seeing “everything”. . ."
    • VENETO
      • Historic Cafes of Venice – ". . . Being a coffee-lover, people-watcher and a sucker for history and elegance, I’d advise you to make it a point to visit one of the famous historic cafes, whose tables spill out onto the piazza.  Here, waiters dressed smartly in black pants, bowties and white dinner jackets will deliver what is sure to be the most expensive drink you’ve ever had.  But in return, you’ll be rewarded with time to linger, a priceless view and from April through October, musical accompaniment. A fair trade, indeed. On second thought  - why not visit them all?" – Robin Locker Lacey – Source: my mélange – "Savor. Italy. France."
      • Venice's Historic Cafes – "When it comes to historical Italian coffee, you can not help but talk of Venice. It is in this lagoon city that the tradition of coffee was born, that due to its position and its trade relations with the Arab world, which then spread to the rest of Italy." – "" – Source: Found in the Travel Ideas section of ITALIA – "the official website for tourism in Italy, sponsored by the Italian Government." – In English, French, German, Italian, Spanish
    • X – "" – "" – Source: X – ""
  • Around Italy in 7 historic coffee bars – "Visitors to Italy will immediately notice the absence of coffee bar chains, making it a coffee lovers paradise. Most of the bars are old, many have been around for over 100 years, and the coffee is usually very good." Last modified Wednesday, 26 December 2012 – Source: the COFFEE LOCATOR – "is a coffee market place and social network for coffee lovers"
  • Caffè Italia – "An itinerary tracing three hundred years of history, surrounded by the irresistible aroma of Italian coffee" – "" – Source: – "100% pure inspiration" – In English, Italian
  • Famous Italian Cafes in Italy – 10/30/11 – Jim Orrill, Demand Media – Source: Found in the Travel Tips portion within the TRAVEL section of USA TODAY – "Latest World and US News"
  • Historic cafés – "For centuries, coffee shops have always been places to meet and exchange information for all social categories, providing the occasion for short breaks during the working day, or for longer stays to enjoy the pleasure of meeting up with a group of friends." – Source: ALL ABOUT ITALY – "is an all-English magazine for American and Canadian readers." – In English, Italian
  • Top 15 Historic cafes of Italy – April 10, 2013 – "About"  – Source: Slow Italy – ". . . stands for a way of traveling that promotes savoring the moment and not getting stressed about seeing “everything”. . ." 
  • X – "" – "" – Source: X – ""
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